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Similar to the excellent post about Atheismisms, I would like to take the discussion to a similar but more specific topic, orgasms!


So, how many of us still say, like "bless you" when you sneeze, mainly out of habit, "oh god" or "oh my god" when you have an orgasm?


I have to confess sometimes I do. Does this is ever bother you? Do you catch yourself and think, does this give the believers ammo? When you are at your most excited and ecstatic place physically, you scream out to the the invisible man! What does this say?!? For those from other countries I would like to know what you all say?



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I don't do any of this anymore. "Bless you" is easy, just ignore people's sneezes long enough and you eventually won't say anything when it happens (because why would you?)

In most other cases, I've found repeated use of alternatives works (I like to pluralize "god"). With sex, unfortunately this often entails swearing, which I'd really like to avoid since it sounds like pornography. Basically, it takes work.

The only reference to "god" I make regularly is "God damn it!" Seems a shame to drop that one as it bothers the believers.

When someone sneezes I make a point of saying "Gesundheit" rather than "Bless you."

At...er...other times, I don't really recall that I make words at all... ;)

I prefer to get as much blasphemy in as possible. Debra Morgan from "Dexter" has me hooked on saying "Holy Mary mother of fuck!"

Don't know how I missed this topic when it was "hot".  Here is my contribution:  Sex is one of the most animalistic things we do, so it seems appropriate to be non-verbal at such times.  I might have said "oh, god" at one time or another, but mostly I stick to grunts, moans, sighs, and other non-verbal exclamations.

I do still let myself use the common god references when interacting with believers.  I find it to be a good form of camouflage.

You are using the term god like a swear word. You're sticking it to them believers with every big-O.

I say bless you when somebody sneezes out of politeness

"oh my god" is an exclamation of shock and surprise, on par with "holy shit!" 

I'm actually fairly antisocial by choice so I don't often say "bless you" etc automatically-- "please" and "thank you" are about as far as I go. On the other hand, I have noticed that people rarely consider the meanings behind common expressions, and so I've recently made it a point to use modified versions of those expressions that provoke a bit of thought. I figure that there's some value in using them in a way that might indicate how silly bestowing a blessing on someone can be, when used with the right god(s) of course. Some examples that I recall currently are:

- - - - - Misinterpret their definition of God to fit that of another:

Them: "God bless you."

Me: "Yes, and may the Flying Spaghetti Monster lay his many noodly tentacles upon you as well." (this can work with other gods, eg. "may Mars grant you might in battle")

- - - - - Replace "God" with either pagan gods/artifacts or appalling acts in the Abrahamic texts, or reference well-known scientists:

"Gods damn it" / "Oh my gods" / "By (Mjölnir / Ra's sun-disk / Odin's beard / Yahweh's bear army [see 2 Kings 2:23-24] / Darwin's beard / Newton's apples / and so on)!"

"Great Hawking's ghost!" [as said by Dr. Isaac Kleiner from Half-Life 2]

I say Kleenex and QTip concerning a tissue or cotton swab when those are just the brand names for specific items.  I don't really find it to be a bother to say "God" in passing in the same sense.  Actually keeping in the language just adds historical depth to a language.  It is anthropologically interesting to keep in the old religious-based references to show the effect of that history.  Over time they become more interesting.

from africa - zambia as u experience total entry orgasm u hear yourself exclaiming...'mama!!' ...its just an exclamation...u not really calling mother to come and see/witness your / his entry into her/you & what it has caused !! Same with 'OH GOD' its nothing except we were brought up to think there is a supernatural protector above us...[a mother] hence we scream

NOT having the orgasm would bother me, exclaiming whatever does not !

Really, I am so far gone down the road to hormonal high (Thank you Oxytocin - you are my one true god !) that I am not even aware what I exclaim, and as my wife is profoundly deaf there is no point in asking her.

Sneezing we say "gezondheid" which is Dutch for Gesundheit. These little sayings are as much cultural than reflecting any belief in a deity these days as they have worked their way deep into our everyday lexicon so I do not think any atheist should get bent out of shape about them.

Nina van der Roos.

If your more concerned with what you're saying then what's going on then you're doing something wrong.


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