Disclaimer this thread is rated M for "mature audiences" so to our younger TA members, you are forewarned.


Similar to the excellent post about Atheismisms, I would like to take the discussion to a similar but more specific topic, orgasms!


So, how many of us still say, like "bless you" when you sneeze, mainly out of habit, "oh god" or "oh my god" when you have an orgasm?


I have to confess sometimes I do. Does this is ever bother you? Do you catch yourself and think, does this give the believers ammo? When you are at your most excited and ecstatic place physically, you scream out to the the invisible man! What does this say?!? For those from other countries I would like to know what you all say?



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Fucking Fantabulous!

Literally LMAO!!

I hope you don't mind but I'm going to copy and paste this on Facebook

TMI warning....

I tend to prefer using a certain four letter word when in the throes of ecstasy, but have occasionally let the "god word" slip out.



"bless you" is a big one for me, I was raised in the south, it's embedded in my brain (much like Yes Sir, No Sir, Yes ma'am, No ma'am, please and thank you). I've tried finding a secular response to someone's sneeze but there aren't many (at least not many I have found).

I was actually just reading a bit about this in Richard Dawkins book "The God Delusion" and I had to stop and think about all the things I say that relate to my christian past. He used the example of minorities and women during the 20's.

I have changed my "Thank god it's friday" or "thank god" statements to "Thank science" which cracks others up or gets conversations starting.


When in ecstasy I tend to scream out my husband's name or if I do say "Oh god" I take pleasure in the fact that technically I'm using his name in vain, lol.   

"Gesundheit" is my favorite.  It just means Health, and it's probably short for "may you be healthy."  I use it in English and German.  Solves the whole issue!
I think the easy way to break that habit, would be to have ur partner stop mid of your orgasm if he/she hears you say (or about to say) "oh my god". That way you won't say it ever again. That seems like it would be the toughest lesson ever learned to me. Lol. Nearly impossible.
Thankfully my dominant hand never says no..
That would do it!

Being a guy I'm not very vocal during orgasms. It's more heavy breathing and maybe grunting.


I do tend to say "Oh my god" in a lot of other situations though. Usually when I'm annoyed that something happened

Don't come in here, I just need five more minutes!!


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