Disclaimer this thread is rated M for "mature audiences" so to our younger TA members, you are forewarned.


Similar to the excellent post about Atheismisms, I would like to take the discussion to a similar but more specific topic, orgasms!


So, how many of us still say, like "bless you" when you sneeze, mainly out of habit, "oh god" or "oh my god" when you have an orgasm?


I have to confess sometimes I do. Does this is ever bother you? Do you catch yourself and think, does this give the believers ammo? When you are at your most excited and ecstatic place physically, you scream out to the the invisible man! What does this say?!? For those from other countries I would like to know what you all say?



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Hahaha!! I love it! Thanks for sharing!!
LMAO!  Thanks for the great laugh!
That was awesome. Thanks.

Haha this is a fun discussion! 


In reality I find when I'm having an orgasm it's quite difficult to speak!  I'm thinking 'Oh my god!' for sure though.  Haha!  When it comes to sneezing, I do find myself saying 'bless you.'  Long time habit, time to try to break it!  Old habits die hard!

I've taken to saying "oh, gourd" or "oh, (flavor of the day expletive)" in more *passionate* situations. 


When other people exclaim, "Oh, my God!"  I usually inquire, "Oh, Your God?"

Sorry this reply isn't strictly on topic (no orgasm involved) but perhaps it's slightly relevant.  Yesterday I was about to lose my temper - kid being unco-operative and answering back, TV commercials too loud while I was battling a recalcitrant bank website to transfer important funds, stress building....  Semi-voluntarily, I clasped my hands and mumbled, "God, give me strength," fearing that I might soon reach the end of my rope and slap someone.  Instantly I felt much calmer and in control.  The incipient headache receded, as did the impulse to do (minor) violence on a younger family member.


So, do I count this experience as evidence for God?  Nope.  My mum used to use exactly the same verbal expression when I was winding her up, years ago, and she's never set foot in a church to this day (family weddings and funerals excepted).  What caused the calming effect?  My own mammalian brain.  By appealing to non-existent, imaginary support, I guess I altered my conscious take on the situation, and triggered a few endorphins to foam-blanket the aggressive build-up in my reptilian cortex.  OK, that's pseudo-scientific babble, but what I mean is, invoking God while in extremis does not suggest that God is real, any more than being entertained by A.A. Milne suggests that there really is a Winnie the Pooh.

This makes me laugh because my sister says "Blast you"...hahaha

This is one thing that I take no issue with, though I do think about it occasionally. Many expressions in english these days originate from the King James bible. "Skin of your teeth", "wolf in sheep's clothing", "double-edged sword", "put words in one's mouth", all of these sayings were popularized because of the King James bible, which, if I may say, it is a very nice piece of literature.


I remember back in grade school I had some friends who were part of a church youth group, and I went on a few trips with them, whereby I would get hushed whenever I said "Oh my god!" or some variant of that. It's silly to me that both religious AND non-religious people should have to refrain from an expression that so permeates the language.


Don't think about it too much, and certainly don't censor yourself simply because these things come from the Bible or are religious in nature.

Yes!! from Africa Zambia during most ecstatic exciting moments, mostly there is an exclamation of ones mother...mai!! / amama!! / mayo!! / ma!!... and climbing down from orgasm your someone would ask you 'where you really calling for your mother?!!'

@Whiteson Zulu; Well, I can get really excited about mayo, so sounds great to me!

I have always and probably continue will scream, "oh god" during orgasm or sex, but it doesn't really bother me because I have no idea what I am saying during these times. I heard you are in an altered state of consciousnesses during orgasm. As for casually saying, "oh my god" I try to not let myself. I opt for "omg" "gosh" or "goodness". 


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