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Similar to the excellent post about Atheismisms, I would like to take the discussion to a similar but more specific topic, orgasms!


So, how many of us still say, like "bless you" when you sneeze, mainly out of habit, "oh god" or "oh my god" when you have an orgasm?


I have to confess sometimes I do. Does this is ever bother you? Do you catch yourself and think, does this give the believers ammo? When you are at your most excited and ecstatic place physically, you scream out to the the invisible man! What does this say?!? For those from other countries I would like to know what you all say?



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that picture brings this post to life! LOL

Pi! Pi! Pi! Pi!

Phi! Phi! Phi! Phi!

Golden Raito! Ratio! Golden Ratio! Golden Ratio!


...or "Oh friction!!!"


-Stephen Colbert

Gesundheit is my word of choice for when someone sneezes, and I have usually just blurt out nonsensical phrases whenever I'm surprised. I have even formed a habit of saying, "for the love of all that you think is good!"

i don't say anything when somebody sneezes, although chris hardwick on the nerdist podcast suggested shouting "science" or "secular humanism."


as for saying god or any other skybully name during a heated moment, it's just a word.  you could just as easily say abraca-pocus.

I just finished a two year program in Auto CAD and part of the program you had to learn board drafting, well when you clean your vellam paper the pencil dust just goes everywhere. There where people sneezing left and right, it was during that time that I learned to stop saying god bless you, If not that's all I would be doing all day long.

I have to admit these are all just words in the vocabulary to me. I don't see any problem using them at all and to make a big deal out it just plays into the theist's hands IMO. They have become a form of communication that is generally recognised by all and if I was asked to account for it, that would be my answer. I'm simply using an expression that everyone recognises to convey my pleasure or disgust at something.

Goddammit, I've gone and got all serious about this haven't I? :P

Yes but you just blasphemed with whole gaddammit so youre "forgiven"! :-)
funny isnt it how we cant get out of the habit of blessing someone when they sneeze etc. Having thought about it its funny that being from a polish catholic family how they all say 'Na Zdrowie' when we sneeze which translated means 'for your health' Poland is over 90% roman catholic yet they dont bless you when you sneeze, how odd? yet it makes for sense to say something about your health.

I think it's silly to say something after people sneeze and say nothing after a cough. I try to respond similarly to both. I either say nothing or "You ok? Needa tissue/drink?" I still forget sometimes and say "bless you."


My boyfriend and I loved this suggestion from comedian, Daniel Tosh, and do it whenever we sneeze around each other. Our reaction has evolved from a simple "get out of him" to wrapping our hands around the others throat while jokingly strangling each other and commanding the demons to get out. He's started doing it to me in public and it's pretty hilarious.


I do say "oh my god!" and "OMG" out of excitement. I doubt I'll ever stop that. It doesn't really bother me. However, whenever I say "oh god" in bed, my boyfriend (who looks just like Jesus) usually whispers "stop talkin about my dad."

I like him already!

historically, the 'bless you' after a sneeze comes from a superstitious belief that it would ward off the plague, which has sneezing as one of the early signs you were about to die... ring around the rosie is a direct reference to the physical change your body goes through when you had it so, as the end of the poem goes... ashes, ashes, we all fall down... sneezes and dies!

i am not superstitious so i don't say anything, didn't when i was a christian either.


in the throes of passion, wow is usually acceptable!


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