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Similar to the excellent post about Atheismisms, I would like to take the discussion to a similar but more specific topic, orgasms!


So, how many of us still say, like "bless you" when you sneeze, mainly out of habit, "oh god" or "oh my god" when you have an orgasm?


I have to confess sometimes I do. Does this is ever bother you? Do you catch yourself and think, does this give the believers ammo? When you are at your most excited and ecstatic place physically, you scream out to the the invisible man! What does this say?!? For those from other countries I would like to know what you all say?



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All I can say is that, its not the expression but the intent behind it that counts.

Adding to that - many scientists refer to god sometimes. Einstein did. But they don't mean god god, but a metaphorical god. Here god is used as an expression to mean something great. Legendary mathematician Paul Erdos spoke of "The Book", an imaginary book in which God had written down the best and most elegant proofs for mathematical theorems. Lecturing in 1985 he said, "You don't have to believe in God, but you should believe in The Book." He would refer to god as the Supreme Fascist or SF. He accused the SF of hiding his socks and Hungarian passports, and of keeping the most elegant mathematical proofs to himself.

I've mentioned in a few other threads, the meaning of words can change over time. Inventing & using new terms can be cumbersome. Its better to change the meaning of words. After all, not too long ago gay didn't mean homosexual. And what better way to beat theists by taking their vocabulary & changing the meaning of those words?


That sounds great until you realize that you're the only one around you who "gets" that the meaning is being co-opted.  For example, I'd been labeling myself "queer" to try to transcend the bigotry and create lgbt unity.  Unfortunately, all the rednecks around me still think queer is just a friendlier version of f*ggot. 

I do say "bless you" when someone sneezes. Please don't get mad at me. How am I supposed to break that life-long habit lol? I never connected it with God anyway. Generally, I don't think people do. It is just some kind of social niceity thing, I guess.


I say, oh my god, all the time. I don't think a thing about it, unless I am writing something at an atheist forum, then I try to avoid it because a few people said they don't like it.


As far as expressions when an orgasm happens; ooops, sorry, phone is ringing. I have got to run now. Darn.


I don't have any such habit, but if I ever was going to cry out 'Oh God!" during orgasm, I'd reserve it for the more sinful sex to keep it ironical.
I still do the "Bless you" bit for sneezes. I always found the origin of the phrase pretty funny. And as god has no real meaning to me, it pops out in curses all the time. Words change, so I'd like to take the reverence out of those ones. No better way to destroy the pedestal than by using it mundanely, or explicatively. =D
how about... "oh, No E.D. between these sheets, Yeah!" or "Unleash the Kracken!" for the more well endowed.. As a comic book fan.. "Kapowwie!" but good luck getting away with that one without a swift punch in the kidney and criticism if she hasn't got off yet...

Hahaha! "Unleash the Kracken" is great, never thought about that one. Grunts and heavy breathing is usually a safe bet.

Being that family guy is my guilty pleasure i always liked the expression used by Clevland " and boom goes the dynamite".

Now that I think on it, it seems a bit odd that Christians pray before eating, but do not (to the best of my knowledge) pray before sex.  Both activities are enjoyable and both deal with sustaining life.


"Dear Jesus, thank you for the orgasms we are about to receive.  I say that in the plural because we are firm believers in the second coming.  Although that seems like a funny expression: the second coming of Christ?  I thought you never even had a first what with the whole celibacy deal.  Puns aside, we really are grateful to creation for sex.  I know you didn't partake while mortal, but Christ did you miss out.  I'd take the crucifixion over that level of sexual frustration any day.  Oh, sorry; I guess I'm rubbing salt in the wounds?  I hope you're not bitter.  I just wanted to say 'thanks' is all."

That is utterly fabulous!


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