Unseen just posted these words in the public forum regarding his father recently passing away:

"He lived to 92 and died at home surrounded by his family after a long and steady decline followed by a series of medical setbacks and cataclysms. It was time to go. A very loving and generous man who never made an enemy, he will be missed by all who knew him."

Likewise in public, I have re-posted his words here to pay my respects. Unseen, as a longtime and prominent member of Think Atheist, deserves nothing less.

@Unseen: I'm sorry for your loss. I'm glad you're back.

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Unseen, my heartfelt condolences for your loss :(.

I hope you will have the courage to go on after such a devastating loss of one so loved. 

Sorry to hear your sad news.  I hope you are managing ok.

Very classy of you Gallup. My condolences to Unseen, as well.

He's lucky he had you to look after him.  Best wishes

Condolences, Unseen.Sorry for your loss.

My condolences.

I'm sorry for your loss, Unseen.

Wow, I'm blown away. Thank you all so very much. What more can I say?

My sincere condolences to you.

Your father is within you. So let him go happily with the good memories. Do not feel upset about it, since being upset and unhappy make many people look for something to hold on to.


On “Richard Dawkins - Neil deGrasse Tyson :The Poetry of Science” http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dGenk99YDwY, About 1.12minutes, Neil deGrasse Tyson replied “that his body in death be buried not cremated, so that the energy content within it get returned to the earth so that flora and fauna can dine upon it, just I have dined upon flora and fauna throughout my life”

Unseen, I too am sorry for your loss.  I think that is the best kind of words to be said about someone who has passed - that he or she was well loved.  To me that sounds like a very successful life.

It sounds like your father had a long and positive run.  My condolences on what must be a very painful loss. 

It was made less painful because it brought an end to his suffering. I always think of that. He suffered more than such a good person should have. It makes me wish for a sudden end rather than a long, lingering one making me wish it would all come to an end.


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