I feel the necessity to get advice on this particular situation in my life. I'll start with a little background: even though my country in general is very religious my life is pretty much secular/non-religious. I consider my mother a closeted creationist and only talks religiously to me while praising me, my brother and girlfriend are almost cafeterian christians, even my two closest friend are cultural christians, one been agnostic and the other borderline atheist, the most religious contact i get is from my girlfriends family and even then her father is skeptical and agnostic deist. Everyone knows i'm an atheist and they don't force anything to me. Maybe my girlfriend on certain occasions.

However, i'm frequently having anti-religious thoughts; not that it annoys me but it takes most of my thinking time and online activities. Adding that i'm introvert and get deep in thought very easily, this thoughts takes pretty all of my wake time. Every religious reference, imagery, anything gets highlighted in my mind immediately, no matter how insignificance. Not only that, i also imagine myself participating in religious debates against pastor, priest, my girlfriend's religious family about many different subjects.

Even yesterday i met an old colleague, after catching up, we were wishing each other the best and from the top of my head i felt a screaming "C'mon, said it, mention 'God bless you'" to her. Of course I restrain myself from saying anything that stupid. And what strikes me the most is that thought towards a person that never showed any religiosity in any moment neither before nor there (including any mention of deities).

Finally, i want to add that obsessiveness is a significant trait in my personality and that this is not the first time that i have obsessed with something. I'm personally addressing that. But i want to know what would you advice me in this situation.

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You have mentioned that obsessiveness is a significant trait in your personality.  I really think the best thing to do is to not try to fix this on your own.  If you haven't tried Cognitive Behavioral Therapy already, I would definitely point to that as a good direction to go for atheists who are rationally minded.  For the really rational, I would go with REBT.  

If you notice that something is having a significant impact on your life, you may want to get an outside perspective on it for a fresh vantage point.  A counselor/therapist is really good for that kind of outside perspective to catch the things you may not notice.

One of the problems that stand in the way of fixing ourselves is the believe that we need to have it all together all the time.  The rational thing to do is to accept our faults, because they are there and there is no changing that without accepting them.  But there is so much shame in society that it makes us feel that we don't want to need help, we want to be self sufficient.  But when you break a leg you need crutches.  When something happens on the cognitive level like this, a lot of time advice from the internet isn't often enough to see real turn around on it's own.  CBT is good because it is rationally based and the most evidence-supported form of therapy out there.  It is a whole lot less about "exploring the feeling of your feelings" and discovering that your perceptions shape your values and cause your feelings in the first place.


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