I'm a bit perplexed and disappointed that Obama closed with "in God we trust" and "God bless America" at end of televised announcement of OBL killing.  Then I read that the VP was fingering rosary beads during the security council session as the ambush operations played out. Why all this mixing of religious cues with such a delicate situation, and even more in secular government doings?

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Alissa, the speech was so beautifully and carefully crafted word for word .... that is why I am perplexed as to why the President made sure to include back-to-back repeated references to God in what many already consider a religious war (as many are, as we know). It just smacks of inciting retaliation if you ask me .... not that that wouldn't occur anyway ... but maybe more intensified now.


The VP knew darn well there were cameras in the security council closed session. So why, again, flaunt religious symbols at such a critical and sensitive moment? I don't care what his personal religious beliefs are ... but to integrate them with a secret ambush operation on a Muslim in a Muslim territory seems foolish and irresponsible. This is why I feel strongly that both were orchestrated for some other motive. But what that motive is eludes me!

I will agree with you that the president and vp were probably aware of the implications that their christian pandering (for lack of a better word) could have. Yet I do not think that they did it to incite the islamic world. In my mind it was a political move to appease the christian-right, and to hell with the consequences.  


We could start a conspiracy theory that the administration wants to start World War III to take out the Middle East and gain their oil reserves, all while creating a war time industry and command economy, creating jobs in the process. But lets not get crazy here.

The government takes a publically "religious" stand in part because the only ones screaming loud enough to make an impact are the religious right.  They have the money to throw at candidates, and like it or not, that's what it comes down to.  Until we, as a nation, actually do something other than complain, nothing will change and will, in my mind, continue to slide towards theocracy.  

Perhaps you should not believe everything you hear or read :-)

Why on earth would a non-Catholic "finger rosary beads"?  Get real!

Rosemary, Joe Biden is most definitely catholic. VP = Vice President. Perhaps you misread my post?


Across the table, Vice President Joe Biden looks more relaxed in his open collar but out of shot are the rosary beads that the staunchly Roman Catholic was playing with during the ordeal.

Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-1383279/Osama-Bin-Laden-dea...

Rosemary is missing in action. :)
He and Biden have both figured out that pandering to the religious is the way to get elected and re-elected.  I hope this will change one day, and soon, but for now it is a reality.

Politics are Politics - another of Christendom's many flaws is that longing to go back on a Crusade to recover the Holy Land from the infidels.  After all, "the good book says it, I believe it, that settles it" to borrow from Pat Condell.

One wonders if this is all part of yet another try at keeping the Middle East inflamed.  The last I heard, OBL wasn't armed but they shot him anyway - so it may have been a deliberate assasination to make him a martyr to his public cause of fundamentalist Islam.  Would have been better to bring him here and put him through a long drawn out public trial which might have helped the cause of diminishing Islamism by showing the impotence of deities to all the religious zealots.  But now he'll be a Martyr, deliberately assassinated by Crusaders via putting the Christian God into the public discussion of how we found and killed him!

The easy coalition of Religion and Politics continues unabated!  Politicians love the brainwashed religious masses!



It would've caused to many legal problems if we had brought him in alive.  There would've been fights over what type of trial, who should be his lawyer (not to mention a whole host of other problems if he wanted to represent himself), where the trial should be held, the charges.   In the end he would've been sentenced, most likely, to death.  So he still would've died.  This just takes away any of the other headaches.


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