I'm a bit perplexed and disappointed that Obama closed with "in God we trust" and "God bless America" at end of televised announcement of OBL killing.  Then I read that the VP was fingering rosary beads during the security council session as the ambush operations played out. Why all this mixing of religious cues with such a delicate situation, and even more in secular government doings?

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I'll take a less-than-truthful secularly sane democrat over a truthful religiously insane neo-con any day. ;)

We all know God can't stop a couple airliner jets from crashing into large buildings , but he can quite delicately maneuver a football into the hands of any wide receive that thanks him afterwards for it.  


Oh , and God is watching over America.  Just not 100% of the time , apparently.  

Over course! Isn't it obvious?
Perhaps he is, but he was too busy ensuring the maneuvering of a football into the hands of a wide receiver to focus on planespotting. ;)
why? oh, im used to that..i just thought obama was a little more supportive of secularism then say, bush was.

He's got to say it.

Polls, Dude, polls.

It is all a fight over religious girth and length.

We just pretend it's about the lube(oil). 

Can't wait for the 72 virgins and the wine.

It's only frustrating when we expect anything different from those who hold office by kowtowing to the religious right.

We need to put up Atheist candidates who say they are Atheists and call the religious out for what they have done to make this world backward and stupid.


Our government is not secular.  It should be as that is part and  parcel with the separation of church and state, but it is not.  "In God We Trust" is stamped on our coins and currency.  One nation, under God, is part of the pledge of allegiance. Like it or not, this is a country that has its roots in Christianity.

I am assuming that in his speech he was appealing to the Christian base of most Americans.  If you want to be in politics, in America, you have to relate to your constituents.  I don't believe that is the case here, at least I hope this was not politically motivated.  I believe the speech was to relate to the majority of the American population.  To unify, to explain. . .to sanctify this decision.

As far as the rosary. The rosary was a comfort zone for me, learned long ago.  I am an atheist and I don't believe in religious trappings, but I knew the rosary well.  I am not Catholic nor even raised Catholic, which is funny in it's own right.  All that tells me is that the VP needed a comfort zone in the face of an uncomfortable situation.  What does that him?  Human.

I can deal with that.

Sure, we are still stuck with IN GOD WE TRUST and ONE NATION UNDER GOD .... because a conservative Supreme Court in the past put those things there  (there weren't always there) ..... but that doesn't mean that they have to be waved in peoples faces now, not in this delicate context. We don't even say that in schools anymore .... they are just old dinosaurs lingering on for now.
Death to the infidels and god loves us has worked for thousands of years, why change what isn't broken from a politicians point of view.
No sure why this surprises you Frank?  The US is one of the most religious countries in the world. One of the most non-secular.  If Obama did not say this, all hell would break lose from the religious community.
It surprises me not because the USA is heavily Christian ... although the numbers are shrinking as those that consider themselves as nonreligious is rising quickly, but because why on Earth would we want to suggest anything religious in context of killing a muslim.

I'm sorry I misunderstood your original question. I think it's an interesting one! Contextually, it was highly innappropriate for the president to address god after announcing the death of OBL. The word crusade comes to mind. Was this an oversight by president Obama?


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