I'm a bit perplexed and disappointed that Obama closed with "in God we trust" and "God bless America" at end of televised announcement of OBL killing.  Then I read that the VP was fingering rosary beads during the security council session as the ambush operations played out. Why all this mixing of religious cues with such a delicate situation, and even more in secular government doings?

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Ooops no .. It was "one nation under God" .. Not "In God we trust"... But issue still stands ... Why?
I had the same feeling. It's frustrating...
I think it's because that even though the American government is supposed to be secular, more often than not it has the public image of being a government with christian values.  It's still annoying.
How about saying "united we stand, one nation, indivisible... and today justice was finally obtained for all!" Yea, maybe a bit cheesy, but it sure isn't offensive to an entire group of people!
It's annoying but what can we do. It is what it is. The bottom line is the government is not religious and does not make decisions based on religion.
You mean SHOULD NOT make decisions based on religion. They have.
Isn't it obvious that the christian lord supports the the killing of bin laden. That any good christrian would request the death of such an evil person. I'm sure that the american soldiers were filled with the strength and spirit of god, because god only supports american citizens and their interests and of course this is what jesus would do.
That is obvious .... to a fringe lunatic extremist anyway ... hehehe

This was a horrible display of our President's stupidity.  He could have, and should have, ended his speech without mention of any God- especially since the changing of the Pledge of Allegiance was a balant example of the virulence of the Christian religion virus in this country. 

He perpetuated the belief that this country is a Christian nation that believes it has a monopoly on a true "god" and is out to dominate the rest of the world with the support of America's god- whatever that is.  And the majority of Americans blindly support such stupidity and claim that those of us who do not blindly support such stupidity are not patriotic.  God bless America- and what- to hell with everyone else? 

Morons- this country is led by, and full of, morons.

If he had left the "under God" part out, the right wing would have been all over him. Even if he is a non-believer (as Bill Maher believes), he has to say those things. If an atheist was ever to run for office he/she would have to lie. Not exactly what your founding fathers had in mind I'm sure.

I agree. I don't think it was an intentional sleight at a large minority group (atheists), but an attempt to further separate himself from the right-wing theory that he is a muslim jihadist.


Obama is catering to the wrong group. There are many people that don't like him because he is an intelligent black man, and they will do or say anything to discredit him, despite all evidence to the contrary.



Of course, some of us just don't like his policies, but now I'm getting off topic.


What Alissa said (and what I was trying to get at in my first post that I now look at and realize that I only said it very vaguely) is probably what Obama was going for.  Obama is trying to show that he's a good little christian like he's supposed to be because of the perceptions etc. that I mentioned before.


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