Obama is the Antichrist?

Sorry for sticking my nose :) ... I'm not American...

I'm always wondering why Americans say that Barack Obama is the Antichrist?

He is just a cute African American :)

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The comment was typical for the place where I grew up in the heart of the American bible belt.  I try to tell people what it was like there, and most of them either don't believe me or don't really grasp it.

Speaking of comments typical of where I grew up, apparently Sarah Palin didn't get what Obama was talking about in the State of the Union address the other night.  Check out the story and the video at Secular News Daily:



Yeah Mo, I think it is based in racism.

thanks for comment.

Yeah Adriana. that was funny :)

McCain was racist when he said "No, ma'am, he's a decent family man"!!

I have to be fair to McCain here that I don't think that this video makes clear that he meant it that way that Arabs can't be "decent family men" whatever that is. The old lady who doesn't seem much smarter than her t-shirt farted in the microphone some gossip tidbit that stuck apparently. Long live free speech!!

I wouldn't call here a racist, based on her performance here. I do suspect that either way she lacks the mental capacity to develop that idea in any serious way.

It looks to me like McCain was genuinely embarrassed - to his credit - and maybe just thought calling Obama a decent family man might impress this crowd a lot more than remarking dryly that Obama is not an Arab.

Non sequitur as far as I am concerned based on this vid.

I always do that test. And I see your point. But I wouldn't judge it differently and I wouldn't call her a racist. These terms shouldn't be used too loosely, because they tend to be subjected to semantic inflation, like "terrorist" or "fascist" or "antisemite."

I would have to know if she is consciously maintaining the idea of racial supremacies and racial inferiority or if she just suffers from the common folk reflex: unlike me = bad.

Well, Albert, the "common folk reflex:  unlike me = bad" IS racism.


One needn't be murderous to be racist.

Maybe, maybe. It would depend on whether the guy could be estimated to be blessed with similar intelligence, hard to tell.

Maybe though I would not be entirely consistent.

I don't think you need to be murderous or own your private concentration camp, that would be too high a demand to meet. But I think true racism is at least consistent and intentional. Not just being prejudiced.

In this case I simply don't know if it is consistent and I seriously doubt it is intentional. Rather I think the ugly product of ignorance, strong group identification and zeal.

My dad called me about a month after Obama made it into office saying those exact words. He went straight into a tirade about revelations, telling me that the end was near. t was actually pretty funny.


It's been awhile since I read revelations or anything but what confuses me is the fact that when the bible actually does mention the "antichrist" (which is very few) it isn't referencing 1 person but many.


Had to look up the verse since I couldn't recall it word for word but;

In John 2:22:23 In the new living translation: And who is a liar? Anyone who says Jesus is not christ. Anyone who denies father and son is an antichrist. Anyone who denies the son doesn't have the father, either. But anyone who acknowledges the son also has the father.


John says anyone who doesn't believe in the father or the son... which to me would mean everyone who denies god (all Atheists, hehe). So the entire "Obama is THE antichrist" movement makes me laugh. It's like a really, really stupid game of tag. The minute Obama finishes this term or the next without bringing about the end of the world, they'll just simply play tag on the next person they feel overly threatened by.

Unfortunately, the only people that make the headlines in American news are the loud and obnoxious. If a sensible person was able to sneak into the set of Fox News and tell them how it is, no one would air it. It's not good for business.

We have an arabic saying (people always throw the stones at fruit-tree) this is how to measure the success.

Barack Obama is the fruit-tree,,, you have a great president indeed.


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