Obama is the Antichrist?

Sorry for sticking my nose :) ... I'm not American...

I'm always wondering why Americans say that Barack Obama is the Antichrist?

He is just a cute African American :)

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So, I suppose this is a kind of Islamophoba but still funny :)

That's one thing I really don't understand in America,why are there people against the health care reform?it just doesn't make any sense to me,could or would someone explain to me why?most countries in the world have it why not in America.

It's a combination of misinformation and racism.  A large part of the "conservative" movement in America is secretly motivated by distaste for the idea that their tax dollars are being given to black people.  That is why they still complain about "Welfare" even now 14 years after reform.  The rest comes from the extreme right wing ideology that motivate Fox News and similar media outlets.  That ideology is an unholy alliance of libertarianism and extreme Calvinism.  Combine racism with those other two and you have an emotional shovel guaranteed to scoop up a huge portion of the American populace.  Once the ball started rolling and it became clear that right wing view would ensure the profitability of any media company, the snowball just got bigger and bigger.


So, it comes down to three things that have always defined America:  It's original sin of slavery, its philosophy of individualism, and its history of attracting religious fanatics.

Thanks Mo,I was going to add that it's not as if America was top in the health care league,It's way down the list.so it's not about holding position either,money plays a big part in this Mo too,The drug companies seem to charge what they like for medicine as the insurance company's pay for the treatment,then the insurance company's put your premium's up.Its legal robbery.
You forgot the basis of Calvinism... "if you are a righteous, positive, and good person, good things will happen to you. If you don't prosper, you're not a good person."

Take some comfort in knowing that most Americans DON'T say he's the Antichrist.  Just the obnoxiously noisy ones.  Or else the people who go way overboard with the hyperbole.


You know who else used hyperbole and false comparisons?  HITLER, that's who!!

You know who else used hyperbole and false comparisons?  HITLER, that's who!!


Best sentence ever!

I thought Oprah or Saddam or Bin Laden was/were/are the antichrist? I have been so badly misinformed about the identity of a fictional character!


The evidence that it is Obama based on this website is compelling though, i just hope they can figure it all out before the worlds ends of May 2011!



Thanks for posting this, got my morning off to such a laugh.

Hi Jarrod,

The comments on that link was funny to read if you wanna laugh.

countdown to Armageddon.

Evidently there is the official countdown to Armageddon. It’s our understanding that this is not based on any biblical text to our knowledge but rather a Myan calender.

The termination date appears to be set for December 21, 2012.

Is there any Bilbical text that supports this date? Please voice your thoughts.


Nostradamus predicted the Bailout.

Nostradamus predicted the bailout…. no kidding.

———— here’s the quatrain ——-

Century IX Quatrain 62
To the great one of Ceramon-agora,
The crusaders will all be attached by rank,
The long-lasting Opium and Mandrake,
The Raugon will be released on the third of October.


thanks for comment

I think I read somewhere that it is based on astronomical observations and that the earth would be lined up in some fashion with the center of the galaxy on that date.  Apparently, the conjunction only happens every 10,000 years or some such.
I was feeling a little anti-christy when i got up this morning.

I am an American, and I think Americans are clueless. Americans want there to be an Antichrist, that's all there is to it. They want this world to end, and soon, so that they can be  'gwine up to heaven' and spend all those Jesus Bucks that they have been piling up during this lifetime.


Of course, there isn't much time left. Check this out:



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