Now that the Supreme Court has ruled (some will say a victory for the 1st Amendment), what can we do to silence this hateful church?


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Jacob, there's no problem. That was the point of that remark. If they violate the law then they are no longer permitted to operate/protest.
They appear to thrive with attention.....even of the negative/violent nature.

After you figure this out let me know how to get the media to stop writing about Sarah Palin.

I think people enjoy watching train wrecks.


Westboro has every right to protest. A cemetary is a private area - the Westboro folks aren't at the burial site.



Celebrate the triumph of free speech. Even free speech you despise.


"I may disagree with what you say, but I will defend unto death your right to say it."


If you oppose the right of anyone to speak their mind (even if you doubt they have one), you oppose free speech.

Amen, brother!
Tweet free or die? :D
I am in full concordance. Unless they do something illegal, it's not right to silence them, as loathsome and despicable as I believe them to be. If we silence them now, it may be us tomorrow--a clear legal precedent is a slippery slope to the abolition of our rights.
It seems that the although they won the Supreme Court Case, they will have a hard time getting out their message for a while.  Their websites have all been hacked and shut down as of Feb 24, including the link to their picketing schedule. And while the federal court has upheld their right to free speech, Arizona just passed a law to prohibit them from picketing at funerals in their state. Read more here
although this probably would not be advisable i think they need a good ass kicking. and if you hear of a group of westboro baptist getting attacked by a minor during a protest in AZ you know its me.
A friend of mine went to a counter protest of the WBC.  Seven WBC members showed up to wave their signs at this funeral, and 1500 counter protesters stood between them and the funeral.  It didn't shut them up, but it did reduce the impact of their rabble rousing.  I think that if 1500 people were to hum taps, that might make for a nice counter protest, and might even be comforting for the family of the deceased.
The best thing to do in counter protest of the vile WBC is to turn your backs to them.


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