Now that the Supreme Court has ruled (some will say a victory for the 1st Amendment), what can we do to silence this hateful church?


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I was actually glad to hear that the court ruled that way. I think Westboro have the right to be assholes. I don't agree with what they do, and I wish that they would choose to stop doing it, but curbing their right to free speech just lays the groundwork for people with legitimate opinions to be silenced.
I think they do more to show just how sick and twisted religion is than any of us could do with a million internet posts.  I am glad they won even though I despise them with all of my heart.
Ah, but there is one twist I forgot to mention.  The guy who sued them, his son had been killed in Iraq.  His son was actually mentioned by name is some vile posting on their website.  I would not have been adverse to giving him a money judgment for intentional infliction of emotional distress.
I'm foaming at the mouth...there's a group on fb called "The wall of peace againist the WBC".....anyone, of any "faith" can "like" the page and add comments...which I've done occasionally throughout this whole bs thing.  Sooo, yesterday am, I responded to one of the "admins" regarding her feeling disappointed with the supreme courts ruling, but the law is the law, and they'll have to continue to "peacefully" continue their demonstrations aganist the WBC.  I added that perhaps...GOD was the problem, the root of hate..cause that's what fanatics/fundies and most faiths hatred for other religions that dont agree with their beliefs.. I said nothing hostile, angry, didnt' suggest doing anything to the WBC...only that I was an Agnostic and perhaps if everyone was either an Agnostic or Atheist, this hatred would not sooner had I posted this, than 3 ppl hit the liked button!  Cool I thought, others who agree..later that day..I went back on the "comment" was gone...I then posted on the wall, asking if anyone "knew what had happened" to my comment"...this am...that comment is gone as well......GRRRRRRRRRRR

Simple! What you do is up to you as long as you respect their free speech rights. However... since evidence shows that they thrive on attention they get... probably the best idea is to make them irrelevent... act like they don't matter and completely ignore them.


If you pass a protest of theirs on the street, bring a book or

get in a very boring conversation with a friend and don't even look at them.


As long as they are not violent and only the attention whores they are today...  it should be safe to make them irrelevant. And since Fred Phelps apparently feels he has to be the center of attention... there is nothing that should more effectively remove his power or more infuriate him than having his absurd and hateful speech completely ignored.


The first amendment demands we let him talk... it DOESN'T demand that we have to listen to him. Plug in an ipod and zone out. lol

I fully support the WBC's freedom to express themselves.  But they are still lunatics and I wouldn't mind if they stopped.  It's important to realize though when we call Christians delusional some people become just as offended as we become when we hear WBC rhetoric.  Freedom of speech is also freedom to offend which is a very healthy thing.

What can we do? well many things, some of these include us in prison for life, but obviously we are smarter than that.. but still lets not put it out of the question, again i joke...or do i..

What we can do is over power them with stronger numbers they only have about 70+, there is one thing religious people & us agree on & it's we both hate WBC, by protesting against WBC they will soon no longer protest & will remain in their homes.

I agree on their right to speech even if it's filled with hate, there HAS to be a way to take the young ones out through of their care, it's child abuse what they are doing, Jael is a such a pretty gal she is wasting her life away.


The SC was correct.

NOW, what can you do...OR.....what WILL YOU DO?


Them thar Westboroites are humans, humans die, show-up at the funneral, the next time one of them thar Westboroites kicks-the-bucket, and say Hay Zeus killed that mofo 'cause he/she was (or wasn't)  a

fill in   _______ the blank .


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