Now that the Supreme Court has ruled (some will say a victory for the 1st Amendment), what can we do to silence this hateful church?


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Show up where they are and simply turn your back against them.

No signs, no posters, no speeches, no dialogue. Nothing. Just turn your back, keep silent and ignore them.

When neo-nazisim started gaining a foothold in my home country in the early nineties, 20000 people showed up at a speech by the made agitator. Just as he started speaking, they all simultaneously turned their back. The symbolism is strong- it's part of our reaction to disgust.

Whilst they may exercise the right to free speech, you should exercise you right to not listen.

better yet... don't bother turning your back. [They thrive on attention, esp. negative attention]. Ignore them by having a coffee discussion across the street from them and talk about something boring and "small talkish" they should be ignored like the lunatics they are. And when they recieve no attention, they will begin to lose power.


Instead of counter protests emphasizing their lunacy by showing nonsense signs, perhaps it is better to emphasize how normal we are so that they will look all the more foolish in comparison.

yes if they don't get attention so much the better, I wouldn't know about them if the main stream press didn't make them known and they wouldn't be an issue.
For the 8 hundred trillionth time - the dude practices pristine law in the protests. He will never shut up and he will never be shut up. Just like you and I calling ourselves atheists. So why do you hate the 1st amendment, oh reasonable atheist?
I fully support the 1st Amendment, Kirk.  But, must we allow these hate-mongers the huge platform they use to shout their obscenities?  Silence doesn't seem quite appropriate and the freedom to trample our values just leaves me cold.
Don't you see that this is exactly what fundies would say about atheists?

You like some speech, you hate other speech. That is clear sign of not doing it right.


Someone is out there right now trying to shut you up. You speech makes them anxious. They want you to stop. They will try to stop you.

The WBC are domestic terrorists.  They do what they do not because their god tells them to, but because they want to strike terror into the hearts of millions of Americans.  Would you have the KKK be allowed to continue their hate speech with government sanction?
How are they terrorists?  What is your definition of a terrorist?
actually... the kkk DOES continue public protests... you just don't know about it because their power has been removed ... b/c everyone ignores them. The secret to removing the power of haters... is to make them irrelevent.
Michael... They WANT you to react with outrage! The way they initially emerged on the world stage was by organizing an extremely offensive and outlandish protest against gays in the 80s or 90s. When the world reacted with enormous amounts of outrage it only made fred MORE powerful! Conversely, if we allow him his stage and no one shows up to listen, we are respecting the first amendment and removing his power at the same time. Since his source of power is negative attention, ignoring him is the best option, imo.


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