Now that the Supreme Court has ruled (some will say a victory for the 1st Amendment), what can we do to silence this hateful church?


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Although it makes my heart smile when I heard about that, I'm leery of the group Anonymous. Only because they are operating anonymously. That just begs people to commit abuses. But all in all only time will tell whether they are help or hinder progress.

Anonymous is a self-given title by the hacktivist group (activist hackers). Online hacking into other servers and computers is genuinely illegal(except when it's done by the gov't, maybe) so all hackers must remain anonymous in that sense.


This particular group did an astounding job backing Wikileaks from networks that tried to put their server down, so I'm absolutely in favour of their work.

Easy. 1) Dig up some dirt on these douche-bags 2) Picket them wherever they are 3) Let nature take its course...
The best way the counter WBC, in my opinion, is to ignore them completely.  Just stop reporting on everything they do, because that is what they want. They're nothing but a group of raving-mad publicity whores who feed off of attention like leeches, so just ignore them and let them fade into obscurity. But they'll probably never shut up, and we shouldn't be trying to shut them up either, because the minute we censor someone else's words, however disgusting and appalling they are, we make it that much easier for other words and opinions to be censored as well.
Thanks, Lindsey.  I'm sure you are right.  Ignoring them doesn't feel good but it beats giving them any more power.
Its kind of like walking away from a person trying to antagonize you into a fight. Westboro operates the way it does because they want to solicit a reaction, not because they wan't to convert people. Fred Phelps is very knowledgable of the legal system, so WBC always just barely manages to remain within the confines of the law so they can sue when people attempt to thwart them. I think most of their money comes from winning lawsuits. Its very, very irritating.
Fred Phelps knows the legal system because he used to be a lawyer.  I agree the best response is to ignore him and his clan.
I agree that ignoring them is the best way to make them go away. And while my sincerest sympathies go to all who are assaulted by their hate speech, I don't know (from an anti-religion standpoint) that my only desire is for them to go away.  I think that they are one of the most useful opportunities we, as atheists, have to expose religion for all its disgusting and delusional ties.  They are willing to very publically spell out the Bible's every literal text and intention.  The more that they expose the 'literal word of God' and we can tie that to all Christianity, the more they prove our point for us. 
You do have a point. Nothing creates atheists better than religious fundamentalists. You know, except for that one school in a remote location where we take small children to be brainwashed by Richard Dawkins while their parents think they're at summer camp...

Bwahaha... Sign me up!


CHRISTIANS want them to go away not just because they are offensive, but because they expose the whole delusion.

Yes I think Christians are more concerned about them than Atheists are. You should add a link to your post on the "signs". It was a good one.




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