Now that we know life is a chemical reaction and not divine creation, does that some how make life less special?


Now that we know life is a chemical reaction and not divine creation, does that some how make life less special?  I think scientists have lost their empathy for living creatures when they think of life as only a cheap tool to manipulate, and to produce useful proteins.   What do you think?


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The problem with your argument Howard is that you are just as likely to be wrong. There are thousands of religions on the "spiritual" market. How do you know that you have chosen the right one? The only proof that your religion is the One True Religion is because it says so in your holy book. However, it says the same exact thing in other holy books as well.


There is not proof that what your book says will happen after death is actually true just like there is not proof that what atheists believe about death is true just like there is no proof that Muslims will get 70 virgins when they die. The real answer to the question of what happens after we die is "I don't know". But many people are uncomfortable with not knowing and so they choose to believe in "fairy tales" to comfort themselves.


At the end of the day all you can really do is live the best life you can so that when you do die you won't feel as if you had wasted the time you did have on Earth.

Hi Daria,

All religions affirm life after death.I addressed life after death. I affirm life after death .As I posted it's an individual matter.This is MY choice not the 'worlds religions.'  'Holy Books' are there for those who wish to choose. My contention is we are responsible for our choices. If we are wrong then we bear that.

I do not believe in life after death to make myself feel good. I have a great life. I choose this belief on my own with no fear on my part. The scientists and doctors I know have told me the same thing.That ol' concept of we wish to believe in 'fairy tales' to make ourselves happy or to escape fear of death,etc.,is not true.

An atheist (a term-without the gods- used of the early Christians who were slaughtered by the millions for their faith) has made a choice not based on fear to make themselves happy there is no god,or Book so why do people who believe the opposite have to be fearful,wanting to be happy in an afterlife,etc.,etc. Neither side is superior-we are all human beings nothing higher or lower than that.


Oh,and it's actually 71 virgins(don't short them!),'12 young boys' and a 'mixed multitude' of M/F's!!! And' rivers of wine.'This is  their truth. I do not choose to believe it.Choice.




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