Now that we know life is a chemical reaction and not divine creation, does that some how make life less special?


Now that we know life is a chemical reaction and not divine creation, does that some how make life less special?  I think scientists have lost their empathy for living creatures when they think of life as only a cheap tool to manipulate, and to produce useful proteins.   What do you think?


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I don't think it will make life less special. Yes there will be areas and projects that feel unethical. To me depends on the purpose of the project, I am not too crazy about the build your own pet concept. But for the field of medicine I see enormous potential.
I like the video , I just cannot see why you think of scientist like that ??

There's no science in the video at all, only observations presented so that the audience will reach a certain conclusion without the 'scientist' giving it to them. The whole idea is to create a response bias because the audience, and more importantly media and YouTube watchers, will be certain they have reached the conclusion on their own, thus cementing the opinion the presenter is implicitly providing.




I study medicine currently, and it's been one of the most fascinating subjects imaginable! I actually think it's less "special" to believe that we simple popped into existence when a fairy said "Poof!".
I think an even more "magical" section of human anatomy/physiology is just a basic glimpse into the nervous system. And people honestly consider creationism more exciting than basically being crude cyborgs! (That's my geek side, sorry)
So Evolution created the human nervous system?Over 400 trillion fibers in the alantal/axial area each dessicating to each cell-brain cell to tissue cell -with efferent and afferant current.Now,that's an achievement! Good thing it isn't smart enough to patent it! I would say 400 trillion$ is a good start for royalities!
Alright Daria,so we reached out and created over50 miles (!) of nerve fibers- that send micro impluses with astounding speed -and some so minute an electron microscope is needed at very high power to see it and well over 100 billion brain cells,and connected them to each tissue cell from each brain cell? The complexity of the nervous system is mind boggling to say the least!That is a reach and a fit !!!
My two cents: special is like morals and gods. Particular to individuals. That does not mean ethics are not important, but I don't have to think of bacteria as more special than crystal formations to consider how best to deal with each. Moreover, if life as a whole can be enhanced because some scientist manipulates a cheap tool in a lab, is it moral to object because of your personal sense of ethics? Or his? It seems to me that, as long as there is oversight, cheap tool manipulation is fine. We can and should introduce the notion of whether the cheap tool suffers in a meaningful way, and whether we a society will tolerate X amount of suffering in the name of progress, but the feelings of the scientist about his cheap tool are not under anyone else's purview.

With a god, life is a trivial thing.  The god snaps his fingers and there is life.


Without god, life requires a particular set of circumstances to get started, and is easily snuffed out.


I think that makes it more special.

exactly! If god created us, that means we were made to either worship him or suffer. There is nothing special about that.

Well if we arent going to play god then who will?

not like there is an actual god to do it


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