Here's a photo of an ultra-orthodox Jewish man wrapped in a plastic bag in his airline seat. His reasoning (if one might apply such a word) is unclear but apparently this is done to ensure the Bagged One does not become impure in the eyes of God just in case the plane flies over a Jewish cemetery.

Yeah, I know. What do you mean the cabin is pressurized? That's no good. Gimme a giant see-through plastic bag with a breathing hole poked in it somewhere. That's how you block out the magical nasty.

Religious people are so fucking weird.

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lol. Proof that religious faith is just bat-shit schizophrenia. I wonder how they flew over cemeteries before the aeroplane?

I thought they were the ones changing into bats...I've got them all mixed up again, never could make sense of those religious types

I want to know how he got though the TSA. I had to argue about a pair of heels once where the heel part was metal. 

I guess cabin pressurization isn't hermetically sealed enough.  (It doesn't work like a spacecraft, that's airtight; instead they bleed compressed air out of the jet engines' compressors, cool it, mix it with recirculated cabin air (that way everyone can get the cold brought on board by the guy in 27-B), and let it go into the cabin.  It eventually leaves the aircraft through an outflow valve, but by constricting this, they can cause the pressure to go up in the cabin.

So in spite of the aircraft being pressurized, air is flowing from the outside through the plane, and back outside constantly.  This allows the cooties (or whatever) from the overflown graves to get to you.


Hey not bad - Man Burka

grave cooties..gah wtf.  is there no sanctuary anywhere!

And I thought my son had it bad with his OCD, this takes it to a new level :)

If you are that fucking crazy you should not be allowed on a plane.

Just what can you not convince your self to do?

I can hear security now.... "I'm sorry sir, but you're bull goose loony and must take a tricycle to wherever you're going."

Crazy.  That's the only word which fits.

Body bag for the brain dead.

Hope he farts in there.


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