Hey, I'm new here but I was wondering if anyone else had pondered on these same thoughts as me?


Something that always gets me confused is when I imagine nothing, at all. It'd probably be like death or before being born but that's not what gets me. It's just, the fact that nothing may have never existed and there was no time, nothing. I probably don't need to worry about this since I doubt in my lifetime anything like this will happen.


I'm not talking before the big bang, I'm talking as if there was nothing that could have even caused the big bang. Just, nothing.


The other is the inevitability of our death. Eventually everything will die, stars will die out, everything. We fight our death so much but there is a time when there will be no lifeforms to observe the universe, maybe some may get the technology to eventually survive but there is still the inevitability of death from the universe expanding too much. In my lifetime I don't need to worry about this, but I worry for the children of my children and their children etc. It's a problem that is inevitable.(Though I believe we will most likely kill eachother for lust of power unless something major changes before this time.)



I just guess this is one of the problems with not being religious, knowing there is nothing out there watching over you and so you don't have that peace of mind.


Ah well, just my thoughts.


(Btw, grammar fails, its 36 degrees and I just got home >.< Probably a huge cluster of bad grammar there.)

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Living is better than death in most cases, unless you were really suffering. I personally wouldn't like the children of my children or whomever to be afraid of death. It is inevitable but still something that is not preferred.

Why do we fight it so much if when we die it won't matter how much we fought all our life because it will all be for nothing with time. I always wonder if we evolved too much for our own good.
Living is better than death... that's an interesting statement. Both seem to me to just be. Living is cool, it's fun and it's hard at times. But I don't know about death. Who does, and therefore what comparisons can be made? Life and death merely are. Living is what you make it, death is final, no more consciousness. It's not like you are going to miss life, or even know that you're dead. Life strives to preserve itself. It's biological and assures survival of the species. The fear of death is the breeding ground for religion. Don't fight it, live it. Life is for living, not fighting. Live laugh and love, make this improbable existence as meaningful or as meaningless as you want. It's your consciousness to do with as you please. Just don't hurt anyone. But the truth is, you're right, it will all be for nothing with time... but then again... so what?

Death and nothingness is not a priority for us. It is just a personal struggle. Nobody like to die. But, everybody likes to live. I would focus on the latter.
"Death is an imminent and grim scenario, religion creates the perfect distraction." - forgot the name
We fight for the future. It's just not our own future. It's our children. If you think egocentrically, you cannot avoid death. By reproduction, you, as a specie, can survive.
All good points, I don't fear death but I do not want to be dead as I'm enjoying my life. Nor in my death will I care as I'm dead. This is mostly why I want children, so my name will live on in the world. My want to achieve is from the fear of being forgotten I guess.

Argh, this stuff never serves a purpose other than to make me depressed >.<.
The nice thing about living without a religion or god is you can live in the present. You don't have to worry about your 'afterlife' or subscribe to rituals or silly rules to secure your place in it.

You can live life each moment making the world a better place. I am someone who has battled depression all my life and I still do, but I try to make my corner of the world pleasent for me and for others as much as I can.

I am not expressing myself well tonight because that sounds all gooshy. Sorry.

I really like some Buddhist philosophy where you really attempt being present in the now. Again I am stating things badly. Children of your own aren't the only way of achieving immortality of a sort. You can make a difference in others lives so when you go into that good night, you have left a legacy.

My husband has helped many people turn their lives around, I have introduced kids to reading. I remember teachers, and others that have affected my life positively. You can find satisfaction in life now and know you are leaving a positive legacy for the future with or without children of your own.
Again, wanting to have a name is egocentric. The things that scares me the most at death is that I won't be able to satisfy my curiosity and find out how the future generations will live. Many scientists died and their creations were valued post-mortem. If you want to 'make a name' do something that will accumulate in time.

Want a reason?

"We are a way for the Cosmos to know itself." - Carl Sagan

My purpose is knowledge. Someone live for happiness, even tough that happiness is a delusion . Everybody chooses their purpose. I live to know, and find out what nobody found.
I think about it too. Its amazing how we can't fathom not existing. And i think that is what makes me stop and appreciate life. Everyone will die at some point, and there is no rewind button. That's why we should take pictures, experience all that there is to experience etc, so as long as it is not destructive and its something we want to do.

I recently have been thinking about the monotony of my life. I'm studying and working because I want to make money and increase my earning potential. However, I hate my job. I hate the monotony of it. I hate the hierarchical structure and the do as I say not as I do attitude portrayed by management.
I realised finally that money, although very necessary, is not the most important thing on earth, we are all here for a limited time! although I know my parents and peers will expect me to go on to get a masters, its not what I want.

I wonder about the sun burning out, what would happen? If every living thing could go extinct we are definitely very lucky to see and experience life. So I accept that this is my ONLY life and I'm going to fashion it in a way that pleases me.
It depends on how you define nothing. When you think about nothing you think about 'something' ( a black empty space ). It is hard to think about it, since it is nothing. Nothing is the negation of thing ( something ).

Not-thing. Not is the logical negator.

For example, if you have a box that represents every-thing and a ball inside it, not-ball is everything else in the box that is not a ball. Not thing is everything else in the universe that is not a thing.

What is a thing? It can be any-thing. The definition is sluggish.

I ask you, why should we think about nothing when we have something to think about?
Interesting analyzation.


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