Sure it's a great message ,overall, but does he mean it? It would not surprise me one bit if this was some ratings/ attention thing from him.


Kudos to him if he is sincere.

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I'm going to jump right out there and say it... If Glenn Beck can't speak, maybe there is a god!

But seriously, I think it's the first time I've really agreed with him more than less. Let's hope he doesn't forget this lesson and that we all take something from it, too. After all, what would you say if you could no longer speak tomorrow?

"A Pizza Supreme, with everything, please --"

arch, you can write that. You did.

Yes, but there's just no substitute for feeling the words roll trippingly off the tongue --

Well, it seems his definition of "paralyzed" isn't what most people's definition of paralyzed is. His website says he did a radio interview with Bill O'Reilly on the morning of the 11th.

There are few more media savvy people on the planet than Mr. Beck. Even if his affliction has given him the grace and introspection for a more--hate to use the word--balanced worldview, this is calculated, make no mistake.

Chances are, while hospitalized he had a Jamaican Rastafarian nurse, a Jewish doctor working with materials created by an Atheist scientist. So he has finally recognized that they have value because they are in his face, and he is depending on them for care. This is a textbook conservative approach, because those people never had value until they entered his life. 

I continue to be skeptical of Mr. Beck. He talks about "our" country too much, in a way, denying that others have value. This has always been his problem, and I think continues to be.

I love it that directly at the end, an ad from, questioning whether or not Obama should be impeached, appears on the screen.  

I did like his message though, whether or not he means it.  

Always be sincere, whether you mean it or not --

"...and a lot of the bombast for which Beck is known, just less shouty..."

Oh, your pun is terrible.

Well it's more of an ironic pun in that you called a man who can't speak "shouty".

Trust me: the same old same old Glenn Beck will be back shortly.

Eh. I'm less than thrilled. At least half of what he said there is completely consistent with his typical, they're all against us, world is ending schpeal. Plus, Beck seems the type who would act contrite and apologetic but then go in completely a different direction. I mean, if it's true he wants to focus more on the love instead of hate thing, that's great, but I don't count on it.


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