Not really a discussion, but a place to share with friends.

Okay, I hope I'm not breaking any other rules with this. Again, Morgan, please let me know.

Who needs Wave!

This is not slow, and most of my people are already here, everyone can jump in (GoogleWave invite or not) so, let's talk.

I also would like to encourage the ones who posted those awesome stories of deconversion on the Atheist Wave, to repost them here, I have this feeling that wave can be a not-so-safe place to preserve those. Just sayin'.

Welcome everyone!

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Ah, finally something I do understand (I still don't get the whole wave thing...). Hello everybody!
Hello, Nienke! Nice to see you outside Twitter. :)

I know, right? The whole wave thing is a bit disappointing, to be honest. I do understand it, but it has a long way to go before it is actually usable for serious purposes.
Oh, how Google Wave lags my lappy.
I know, right? We were all complaining that Wave was making our lives (read computers) miserable. I moved us over here.
Ah! so this is where everyone is hiding. Hello there!
Hiding? We were trying to be as conspicuous as possible. We must try harder!
Indeed! We need to try harder. I'm going to promote our chatty forum a little more.

Oh, hi Reggie!
Hola, Monicks!
Neon. Clearly we need neon.
Hello, Nick! Welcome!!!

No, Nick! We're not hiding, I've been inviting everyone.

Don't you think this is better than wave? I definitely like this better and everyone can jump in (even without a wave account) and be either serious or chatty, and nobody is watching us while we correct our misspellings, although, that was kinda fun.

Psst... Had we been hiding, you wouldn't have found us. Just sayin'.
I think wave will be fantastic eventually. It's only a toy at the moment. But this is just fine. It's a good place to meet. Although AHS's bi weekly online meet up is good to meet ppl "socially". And have a discussion.
um... thank you! Lol.


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