I've been seeing Think Atheist referenced here and there for some time now. I suppose it's finally time for me to give in and do my civic duty.

My name is Mike. I'm a writer and the web developer for GodlessFellowship.com. I've been mercilessly hammering my consciousness over the issue of faith for two years now, and I launched the site about three months ago as an attempt to provide an outlet both for myself and other great writers I have acquainted myself with over the last 24 months.

If you are interested in becoming a contributing author or getting any writing, artwork or whatever have you featured on GodlessFellowship.com feel free to contact me immediately. Chances are I'm already in some dark corner hunched over a computer screen waiting for your submission.

Here's an excerpt from a recent piece I did concerning different aspects of the site. For more of my writing simply check out my profile.


I have a very basic set of conventional sensibilities when it comes to writing, and I sort of abhor the title of ‘blogger.’ I am not a blogger. I don’t care whether you agree or disagree with my thoughts, and I do very little in the way of considering my potential audience when I compose. Contrary to what my detractors may tell you, I don’t do this out of some misplaced need for acceptance or popularity.

This is not necessarily to say that every blogger does what he or she does for those very reasons. I kept a Myspace blog for over two years for the lack of a better alternative, and in that time I came into contact with a great sect of bloggers who would probably agree with my initial evaluation. In short, you can keep your booties on – this isn’t an attack on bloggers.

Anyway, I have a better alternative to third-party services now. Over the course of three months I have weighed my options, evaluated my abilities, discussed possibilities, brainstormed, designed, revamped, designed, revamped, and designed again. The circles under my eyes are a little darker now. My back is twisted and my lungs are fried from spending too many nights with too many cigarettes at my disposal, tirelessly hunched over a computer screen wondering where to go and what to do next with this terrible, all-consuming idea.

I have taken one more hesitant step toward the brink of damnation, and with it I welcome you to the Godless Fellowship.

The Seven Deadly Sins
As a young Christian, I once had a childhood friend who enlightened me with a very important lesson about faith.

“You only use the Lord when he is convenient for you.” she told me after a brief discussion concerning my budding interest in Biblical teachings.

Today, I can no longer find a use for her Lord or any other. There are still others out there who can.

“There are six things the LORD hates, seven that are detestable to him: haughty eyes, a lying tongue, hands that shed innocent blood, a heart that devises wicked schemes, feet that are quick to rush into evil, a false witness who pours out lies and a man who stirs up dissension among brothers.”
Proverbs 6: 16-19

You will find that I have created a separate section of this site for each respective capital sin. Aside from my own sordid interest in them, I believe they provide a suitable rubric which may be used to adequately interpret the imminently self-destructive tendencies of the modern person of faith. Here you will see the colorful side of our abundant Christian majority – the rapists, thieves, murderers, con artists, bigots, adulterers, and other conniving miscreants – all wrapped, tagged, and sealed for freshness.

It seems that one of the most prominent stereotypes surrounding skeptics in my country is that we are ardently opposed to Christianity exclusively. I find this to be false. I also find it to be a reactionary argument designed to invoke sympathy for self-absorbed, dispassionate serpents who beseech the general public for a precious sliver of recognition and validity with each passing day.

Speaking for myself only, I can attest that I am vehemently opposed to mysticism in any form. I focus upon Christianity mostly because it is a predominant faith in my environment. I have never been accosted by a Muslim. I have never been thrown in jail by a Taoist. I was moderately embarrassed by a Buddhist once, but I less-than-gracefully recovered and harbor no ill will toward her.

Still, on moonless nights when the wind howls through the willows I can almost see the malformed countenance of a false savior slithering hither and thither among the shadows, his amber eyes glowing like dying coals, his slimy gaping maw overflowing with the ashes of lives. Each night he offers me the anointment of his perpetual obliteration and I mercilessly deliver him back into the inky void from whence he came. I will not take his hand. Not now, not ever.

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Music files on your TA profile? I'm not sure. I'm still pretty green to this place. I can usually help with any sort of general coding issue related to HTML, CSS, php, javascript or asp though.

And yeah, thanks for visiting the site! If you're genuinely interested then I'll definitely be looking forward to your contributions. Two of my current guys are kind of lazy so I've been pulling my hair out coming up with daily content for the last few weeks.
looks interesting, i will have to spend some time looking around.

but it took me a while to figure out what the deal was with the latin (?) headings for the sections about the 7 deadly sins. even the Catholics tossed the dead language out of their masses! i guess it has a nice irony, but i'm not sure it adds to the usability of your site. at first glance i assumed it was a non-english web site and almost clicked away by habit.
Yeah, I've been sort of rethinking that lately. Prolly gonna do some major updates this weekend.
Thanks, and enjoy.
Welcome to the site, Mike!
Thanks. Happy to be here.
wow, you're right, that was a pretty awesome closer.
maybe a big HP Lovecraft fan?
Right on! There are several ways to contact me both on the site and here at TA so don't hesitate to drop me some tasty content.


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