I have always felt a little protected in New Hampshire, thinking that the average income and high level of education would preclude this kind of nonsense from happening here.  Apparently I was wrong.  

I assume these bills will die in subcommittee, as they should, based on their merits.  Does anyone have experience with this sort of thing?  Where do I start in an attempt to voice my opposition to these bills?  What organizations might get involved to help?  What can I do?

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"Stock Car races in Connecticut" was it?  I've often said that the south does not and has never had a Red Neck Patent as I've see red necks from both north and south and even some from Canada where they drive Camaros and Trans Ams, which are the definitive red neck rides.

Brother Dave Gardner said it back in the 50s, "There are Northern Baptists and Southern Baptists; the northern Baptists say 'there ain't no hell', and the southern Baptists say 'the hell there ain't'"

Just because I love Formula 1 racing does not mean I don't like nature and a canoe/kayak or float trip would excite me and I love being lost in nature.  I wrote a piece about a weekend float trip a friend and I took back in the early 70s down the Dan River in the NC-VA border that I think you'd enjoy.  Go to and look for contributions and then my name and "Raftin' the Dan" and you'll know how much I love being surrounded by nature and open spaces.

I did some climbing in Germany and we were planning to climb the Joungfrau, since by 1968 if one became exhausted there was always the cog railway to ride back down.  However, an unusually early warm spell caused an ice fall that killed several climbers so we didn't make it.  Bavaria is a climber's wet dream and we lived there for 3-years, '67 - '70.

Depends on the conference and where in Illinois it happens, make the best of it and be safe.

I think it's getting to the point where parents need to be the ones to teach their children the Scientific Method, and science in general.

They're sure not going to get good science in school.

Oh yea, also sign them up for chinese language classes. If this anti science trend continues, they will have to be able to communicate with their new OverLords. 

So far, at least, my town's schools do teach science well.  In other parts of the state, I don't know what's going on as much.  I do know there is a big discrepancy between quality of education even of neighboring towns.

I agree that a lot of it needs to rest on the parents.  I can't do anything about speaking Chinese though - not without learning it myself.  I'm sure it's a beautiful language, but it's just not high on my priority list of things to learn.  I hope it never becomes necessary to learn it just to survive.

Spanish, now...  I learned it well and went to Spain many years later, only to realize I didn't know what in the HELL they were saying.  


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