I have always felt a little protected in New Hampshire, thinking that the average income and high level of education would preclude this kind of nonsense from happening here.  Apparently I was wrong.  

I assume these bills will die in subcommittee, as they should, based on their merits.  Does anyone have experience with this sort of thing?  Where do I start in an attempt to voice my opposition to these bills?  What organizations might get involved to help?  What can I do?

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Another pathetic attempt to justify teaching creationism/ID in school, I think. Hitler was a vegetarian teetotaller so maybe they should be condemned as leading to genocide, by Jerry Bergevin perverted logic. How do these people get elected to public office? Unbe-effing-lievable.

I have no idea what to offer you because I can't even imagine this being real in a modern world.  The best I can suggest is to try to locate local science associations/organizations and pledge support.

Find out who your reps are and start writing letters, my friend. 

I have such a difficult time understanding why so many people cannot interpret the difference between something that is scientifically supported (and what that entails and means) and a book written in bits and pieces thousands of years ago by numerous different religiously-gripped men, translated however many times since, added to, detracted from, etc.  If you were looking to cure cancer in your child, do you want something scientifically established, or something written by a random committee of men with lots of feelings and opinions on the subject? 

Thanks.  I have been saying for the past 6 years or so that if this nonsense ever happened here, I would actively oppose it.  I guess the time is now.  What I need is to win the lottery so I didn't have to work, so I could oppose these idiots full-time and with all my energy.  

I do need to find something I CAN do.  For this to be unopposed would be even more shameful than its existence in the first place.

I, too, had always considered America's New England states to be a beacon of hope towards a a better educated nation and moreover thought that better education would tend to reduce the idiocy I have seen all around me for several decades of my life; I am fast, too fast actually, approaching my seventh decade of existence, and the average Joe or Jane on the streets of America are demonstrating the apparent and obvious opposite to my hopes and aspiration for the nation.

When I lived in Fort Lauderdale from '93 to '03, and where I was very active with the James Randi Education Foundation, I was surrounded by clever and educated people, especially among the largest part of my customer base I was hopeful for America's and by extension the world's better future.  I design and build leading edge, high tech, ozone-based water and air treatment systems for very large, 100 to 400-ft, luxury yachts.  A great many of the crew members thereof are from many other nations, and seemingly from more enlightened societies that accept and embrace science and tend to eschew religion in any of its many and perverted forms.

I also predicted and deeply felt that the failure of the great "second coming" in 2000, or 2001 certainly, most of the nation, or at least a decent percentage would wake up to the idiocy of religion; instead they doubled down and continue to do so.  Its total, freaking bovine fecal matter and with the coming, dare I say rushing, international collision between the two great Abraham-based holy-roller mobs, spurred on my the smaller same idiocy-based mob, there is, sadly, a lot of religion-based trouble and pointless war still to come.

I love Bernie Sanders, but the bowing out of Barnie Franks and his possible replacement by a bible-pounder makes me sad.  Now I live in the state that has Governor "Oops" in Austin and in Wise County (oxymoron to be sure) I'm surrounded by bible-pounders and as a very visible and self-outed atheist and heavily-published anti-Tea Party liberal in the Wise County Messenger I feel "The eyes of Texas are upon me".  "I ain't skeered"!

Texas, huh?  Wow.  Kudos to you for not curling up like an armadillo, being surrounded by big-haired ladies and holy-rollers as you must be.

I am disgusted by the state of affairs in America and the world in general.  If I could put my head in the sand and keep it there I would.  I can't though, so I will, like you, continue to speak up and speak out.

Even though I am sorely disappointed in how conservative New Hampshire has become politically and religiously, it is still the "Live Free or Die" state.  It increasingly feels like the "Live Free But Don't Let Anyone Know You Aren't Republican Or Christian" state. Screw 'em!  Bring it on, I say!  I will be true to myself to the end, no matter how unpopular it is.  So far, at least, it is still a free country - whatever that means these days.

I'm a veteran of 7-years in the US Army, '65 - '72, and a 21-Y-O when I received my draft notice for the Vietnam buildup in Aug. of '65.  I had decided in '64 to take six-months to a year off from electronics technology school and do some traveling to cool my brain and see some of the world before going back and completing my degree.  It didn't take my local draft board very long to call me up when my student deferment went away, so I enlisted and spent my time first as a crypto equipment repairman and then an inspector in electronic intelligence countermeasure systems.

I gave 7-years of the most productive years of my life defending and "upholding" the US Constitution.  For me to have to sit and watch the terribly misnamed "Patriot Act" passed in this former "Land of the free and home of the brave" made my head spin.  Now a supposed left of center US President actually signed the National Defense Authorization Act, proving he is a closet Repugnican is just toooooo effing much!  No American is safe today in our own country from having his or her Constitutional rights trashed. 

Benjamin Franklin said it best, "Those who give up essential rights for temporary security deserve neither", and that's where America finds itself today.  What has led us to this sorry state?  Religion, hateful religion, arrogant religion and myths of invisible friends and pro football players doing the bit at games; makes me sick to think this former bastion of liberty has come to this.

If I had the wherewithal I would move to Australia and tell these shitheads to kiss my ass.

Texas needs to have a jesus enema!

Thank you for your service to the U.S.  I'm a military brat, so I know a little bit about military life.  

My disillusionment with some of what happens in the U.S, has been slow but profound.  I would leave too if I could.

On a more fun note, I have to say that Tebow's Jesus must not have followed him to Foxboro Stadium yesterday, as he was served a tall glass of STFU, New England-style. I really don't care about sports and I'm not even a Pats fan, but Tebow was obnoxious.  

Thank you.  BE that as it may, Meryl Haggard said it best; "No amount of money could buy from me the memories I have of then, and no amount of money could pay me to go back and live through it again."

On the Tebow debacle, it was bound to happen as on any given day, no matter how big, bad, and one is, there's always someone out there who can and will kick ones ass.  That applies to people, sports or nations and the US has been shown the door in SE Asia, and in time America will be shown the door in SW Asia as well, just as happened to Alexander the Great and Genghis Khan were to learn in time.  I have been in Iran close to the Afghan border and I studied the Pashtun People as a result of that trip.  When they don't have any foreign invader to fight, they fight among themselves just for entertainment!

However, being a North Carolina born and bred Tarheel, I know where Tebow's invisible friend went; NASCAR season is starting and on that Sunday they were testing at Daytona.  Everyone, at least in NASCAR knows, with little doubt, that doG loves riding in NASCAR events, and in his omniscience he always rides with the Winner, but one seldom seen a NASCAR driver kneeling at the winner's circle even they give the great "Him" credit.  Cars going 200 MPH+ are a hell of a lot more fun than a stupid football game regardless of what Timmy boy thinks.

Concerning sports; when I was a kid and friends or other contemporaries discovered ball games of all shapes, sizes and uses I had discovered mechanical things, cars, engines, and especially radio and electronics, as well as girls (probably in reverse order). 

As a result I know zilch about ball sports but am an avid follower of the Formula 1 series and have been since discovering that incredible form of high tech racing in Germany in 1967 and follow it to this day.  The best news for me is the new "Circuit of the Americas" Formula 1 track being built in the Hill Country near Austin, TX with the first race Nov. 2012!!!!!  I'll be there, in the pits and loving every second!  I'm also a volunteer at the track that's only a 5 hour trip from Decatur down I35; CAN HARDLY WAIT!!!!

Road trip!  Sounds great.  Hell, I don't even like racing and it sounds fun.  

HA!  "Road trip" to be sure and you are invited to make one with us.  My son, who works for CISCO, (if you watch MSNBC you no doubt have seen the "Telepresence by CISCO" when they do live teleconferencing.  That's Kevin's product and he's responsible for software development for it) and he has arranged to have CISCO donate the entire telephone network for the track.  Of course the track builders are buying a bunch of other equipment, but Kevin met with one of the principles and arranged the high-tech, state-of-the-art telecommunications system for the entire track.  He and I, as well as other of his CISCO friends who are devoted race fans will be very well taken care of at the track for the entire event.  I may not have friends in high places, but I do have a few high friends in several, LOL.

Ne that as it may, you are personally invited to "Come on down"!  I promise no praying in the pits or anywhere for that matter.

It sounds like you are going to have a fantastic time!  No wonder you're looking forward to it.  

My dad used to take me and my brother to the local stock car races in Connecticut when I was a kid.  I loved that.  Every so often, between accidents, they'd go around the track a while.  Good times...

Although I appreciate the invite to what sounds like a blast, I think I'd implode at a race track now.  Give me my kayak and a remote bog in Maine or give me a mountain to climb, and I'm happy. 

I might be going to Illinois for a conference in April, but that really doesn't sound very exciting, does it?  Good grief.  


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