North Korea publicly executes Christian woman for distributing the Bible

While i don't condone murder, i can't help but notice the irony of this story.

seeing as how the bible is just riddled with story after story about 'righteous' people killing heretics, who's only crime is spreading belief in gods other than Jehovah, i don' think anyone can complain...


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Its unfortunate when anyone loses their life to the whim of a totalitarian government. But recognizing this may sound callous I have to say: If you are going to knowingly break the laws of a known dictatorial rogue regime, you need to be prepared to pay the price. Perhaps this woman was.

Either way, while I decry the horror and injustice (as we understand the term) I'll not mourn her passing.

It was God's will.
In her eyes, the choice was break North Korea's laws, or break the laws of an all powerful master of space and time who wields the power to burn her forever. Not a contest. She felt God wanted her to spread his message. She was probably fully prepared to pay the price, a mild one compared to what she thought God would have done.

I'm not even going to say it was her delusion that got her killed, because that would be like saying it's a woman's dress sense that gets her raped. No, the fault lies with the ones who killed her.

That could have been one of us years ago. Whatever crazy beliefs some of us have, we're all still human.


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