I'm interested in starting one. I think we need to take a lot of the positives from religion, and none of the negatives.  What do you think?

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It appears that i skipped that part.

Given that religion is just based on dogmas dictated by cult leaders, I assume one of the positives you are seeking is for YOU to be that cult leader.  Sorry, not the least bit interested in propagating bullshit, and especially disinterested in doing so when it is for your benefit.

I know you don't like me Heather. :) Do you believe that homo sapiens are a social species?

We are.

That's what I'd like to address, ultimately. A way for us to positively socially interact, on a large scale, without the threats, accusations, and judgements of religion. Some places have it better than others. I have 3 churches within 10 minutes walk, and 0 secularist meeting places.

I'm social to the extent that I have family and friends, but truthfully, if there were a meeting place of a secularist or even atheist nature next door or across the street, I'd seldom or never be found there. I don't even regard this place as socializing. It's mental exercise.

That's cool. Everyone is different, and I'm not going to threaten you to come to my not yet existent meeting place of a secularist or even atheist nature. :)

I see - so you would like to start a religion without the traits of religion just so you could have a place to hang out.  Have you considered, rather than a religion, joining a local activity club, like Judo or nature hiking?

Heather, that sounds like a good idea, if you combine "place to hang out" with my atheist version of religion.  Seriously though, we would be forever getting guest speakers from the other religions.  Surprising though it may seem, there are plenty of cool ones who know what they're talking about. 

So why call it religion at all?  My old canoe club used to have monthly meetings where a guest speaker might bring slides and a map of an extreme-outback trip, or a presenter of the latest micro-stoves for cooking in the back country.  None of us were required to adopt an opinion on any of these things - we were just there because we had a common interest and it was fully accepted that each of us had other interests.  There was no need to trash talk the nordic ski club, and no need to solicit new members from the Nature Society.

It doesn't have a name yet.  Probably it'll be called "atheist morality", "atheist spirituality", "spiritual philosophy" or "atheist religion", and any of those would be accurate, as with Buddhism, which isn't a religion either but nobody can think of a better word for it. 

"Common interests" is what it's all about.  It's actually a huge subject, which needs endless reminding and discussion of, since it's about some of the core, profound experiences of life.  Also, it's a lifelong journey of discovery, just like life itself. 

Ok, how about a philosophy club?


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