I'm interested in starting one. I think we need to take a lot of the positives from religion, and none of the negatives.  What do you think?

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You never really state these principals though.  You say you want a non-theistic group that has theistic principals.  That's like saying I want to start an environmentalist group for people who are not environmentalists.  How the hell is anyone supposed to make sense of that?

I never state them, because they're under wraps at the moment.  The thing isn't ready to be published, even though I'm itching for that to happen. 

It really just sounds like you're trying to start another religion - plain and simple.  Maybe a supernatural-free religion, although from what you've previously disclosed, it doesn't seem at all free of woo from my perspective.

It's an atheist morality theory which has been extended to include a model of enlightenment, and this is just advanced morality anyway.  So that looks like a religion to me. 

Please explain that 'enlightenment' part.  Also, have you ever read Dianetics?

Sorry - that contains the parts that are under wraps.  When it comes out you will have a chance to evaluate it.  Dianetics?  Scientology?  This has the character of a scientific theory or a mathematical theory - nice and clean and clear.  Not a bunch of made-up bullshit designed to make me rich. 

There are reasons the faithful need to congregate. They need a constant and regular stream of sunshine blown up their assholes to keep themselves believing. Think about it-Their holy books are inconsistent and cruel. Their prayers go routinely unanswered. Their leaders go routinely corrupt. They are routinely asked to part with their money. In return they get bad music, ridiculous sermons, fake smiles, and an empty promise.

I prefer real friends, family and hard work to some sick group of phony losers waiting for "abundance" and clinging to the writings of a violent desert tribe 2k years ago.

There are various secular and Atheist organisations setup that you might like to check out depending on where you live. Many have regular meetings and this site have groups in various localities. If a search does not show one then maybe start one yourself. Maybe this Rally for Secularism dans Quebec might suit?

I'm back in college after a auto accident that left me unable to work in my previous occupation. I never expected religion to be part of my new experiences in college, but to my dismay they are. I currently live in Hawaii and the Hawaiian studies program has expanded to degrees for both the community college as well as the university's. I have had strong discussions with my teachers about my dismay about praying to Gods in class and school sponsored outings, not only on campus but with student groups at State and Federal park functions, as well as Environmental outings. I'm very unhappy currently and I'm thinking about re-locating back to California because of negative feedback from a couple of my instructors, who say you can not separate religion from culture, and should not fight the system. I needed to discuss this with others to see if there might be a compromise of some type that I'm not thinking of.

Dismayed in Hawaii

If they are public institutions, I'd talk to the ACLU.

How would I contact ACLU directly, their website does not have a phone contact?

I did contact a attorney in Honolulu 6 months ago that sometimes worked with the ACLU, but he was not to excited about getting involved due to his contacts with the educational system here.

Try this.


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