I'm interested in starting one. I think we need to take a lot of the positives from religion, and none of the negatives.  What do you think?

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"Philosophy club" isn't enough.  It really contains everything a religion should, but has no social aspect at all at the moment (or a life beyond me).  So - an atheist church is what is called for, but I'm sure this would be rather different from a theistic church. 

So a philosophy club contains everything that a religion should, but has no social aspect?  What part of 'club' did you not understand?

"Club" is fine, but "philosophy" covers a whole load of stuff which is nothing to do with religion.  The name has to have something religious about it, like "church".  Church club. 

The name only "has to have something religious about it" because YOU are confused about a great many things.

Simonism? Payntonism?

I'm trying to imagine myself sitting around wishing I had somewhere to go where I could hang out with other atheists. But I'm something of a cocooner anyway.


But I'm something of a cocooner anyway.

Well, I'd be more interested in a debate club, or a philosophy class, even a theologically themed one. My problem is though, that these are for the social elite. I'm poor. I can walk in to a religious institution and receive social benefits for free, I cant do that with a local activity club, or university. :(  To be less selfish, I'm sure there are many people as bad off as me, even worse! They're still people, they have social requirements, and we should help meet them (in my opinion).

My highest level of activity is such clubs came when I had the lowest income of my adult life.  Are you sure there isn't a debate club or something in your area?  Whenever I joined community groups the memberships were always very low (under $50/year) and I often quickly found people willing to carpool.

I've been looking, and looking, and looking. I've even tried starting one, but there are a lot of legalities (and fees) involved in that. I'm an unusual person. Everyone I know (in person) consider me among the "intellectual elite", but I am neither socially, nor financially elite.

I suppose it is this area. The mast majority of people are happy to be ignorant and selfish. 

I've even tried working with groups like "Continuing Adult Education" and the District School Board. No luck so far!

@Steve Fraser

I met a lot of interesting people when I got involved in tutoring adult literacy.  Oddly, several of my students were theistic, which always left me rather troubled as I tried to source material that would capture their interest.  The other tutors, though, tended to be university educated, some still working on advanced degrees, and we did socialize a bit.

Thank you for sharing. I'll keep working at it!


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