I'm interested in starting one. I think we need to take a lot of the positives from religion, and none of the negatives.  What do you think?

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I can't really imagine your situation, Raymond - but it does sound disconcerting, to say the least.  Relocating sounds like an extreme measure and I sure hope you can find a compromise.  Perhaps there is a secular group in your state that could offer some local input.

It's very bizarre many of the people you would expect to be allies are not here in Hawaii.The school system has spent millions in funds and to build infrastructure program, and my views are looked at as an attack, on program. I'm not attacking the program I'm attacking the "Religion" portion of the program. The Chanting, Holy weaving, Prayer at Federal and State Parks. Religion is used as a "political rally cry" to take back the Island from "white Colonists". There turning the word "Haole" into a racist term. last time I tried talking to a teacher about the program her faced turned red and She gave a diatribe about colonialism, and how we need to right a wrong.

Guess what 2 wrongs don't make a right.

California is looking better and better for someone like me. While no where near perfect I rarely heard religion songs or chants. I think the last time I did is when the Hare Krisnas were still allowed to collect money at the airports, I'm telling my age.

I just want the Hawaiian Program to separate religion, if there is going to be chanting and prayer, call it a religious or spiritual glass upfront on the class cataloger and Syllabus.

Freedom from Religion Foundation works on things like this all the time. If it's a public institute and not private they can push the legal work. It's what they do. Report it at this website: http://ffrf.org/legal/report


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