I'm interested in starting one. I think we need to take a lot of the positives from religion, and none of the negatives.  What do you think?

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Isn't sports already the largest secular religion?

I believe so... it isn't one for me though.

I think there are two components to a religion:  personal, and public.  The public side is all about doing things together with other believers.  The personal side is what we do separately, the other 6 days of the week - our inmost spiritual aspirations, and how to get through life with some semblance of hope, optimism and integrity.  Something like that anyway.  I've got a theoretical basis worked out for the personal side, which I did with some help from the existing religions.  It's functionally identical to theirs, but in a clear, simple and streamlined form.  To most people it seems to go straight over their heads, but so what.  Any Christian or Eastern Buddhist I have described it to gets it straight away.  As for providing a public side to this - right now there's nothing in place, and unless someone wants to start getting sermons and services together, we'll be forced to tag along with the other religions' forms of worship, which is not a bad thing, as we can have some mixing of cultures, and this is always fruitful in my experience.  In fact, the project was born out of falling in love with a conservative Christian lady, and I'm an atheist anarchist.  I realised that her values were the same as mine, and set about investigating. 

Speaking for me, I'm not a joiner. I feel little or no need for "fellowship." The need to feel like "I belong to something bigger than myself" or "I need to be around people I can agree with" is simply a sign of a weak mind.

That's quite a judgement Unseen.

Making judgments (decisions, determinations) is what a brain does. But hey, I understand not everyone is strong.

Indeed, it also filters, makes assumptions, and deals with cognitive dissonance, among many other things. I appreciate your sharing, but I dislike your accusations. :)

I recently went to a Christian service with my friend who's just been baptized and is into Jesus.  I found I could understand everything they were talking about.  I especially liked the part where everyone says "I bless you" or something similar to everyone else and shakes their hand.  This made me feel good. 

Religion - real religion - is based on morality, and morality is about how we get along with our fellow humans. 

When Jesus said "For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them." (Matthew 18:20), he had a very good point, if we accept this on metaphorical and spiritual terms. 

He also said.... oh, just check out Matthew 6:5-6.

I agree with the two components comment. 

I've noticed that my goals (not values) are the same as others from various religions, even some religious leaders. Interesting indeed!

That is because they are likely to be human goals and values, so humans in all religions will share those. It isn't the religion that drives morals, its humans.  Our moral code evolves continuously, and has far outstripped the moral code of the religions who can only struggle to catch up, in vain.

I like the idea of a community club.  Call it just that.  Community Club.  Find some like minded people and set one up.  Someone has to set it up - why not you? :)

"Club" is fine, but "philosophy" covers a whole load of stuff which is nothing to do with religion.  The name has to have something religious about it, like "church".  Church club.

Why?  Why would a bunch of people who aren't interested in church want to join a 'church' club?


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