I'm interested in starting one. I think we need to take a lot of the positives from religion, and none of the negatives.  What do you think?

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I was just lampooning his elusive philosophy.

The theist idea of God has two components: the Creator God, and God's love / God's will.  When they worship God, they worship the two together.  The Creator God is not available to atheists, but we can still have the exact equivalent of God's love / God's will. 

So we wouldn't worship in the same way that theists do - it's more of a joining in, or joining with.  However it remains

- something we all adore

- the one thing worth dying for

No - we can't have the exact equivalent of a god's love/will unless we equally delude ourselves into believing that such a thing exists.

We don't all adore such delusion and I, for one, am definitely not willing to dye for it.  It's just another flavour of poppycock the lies halfway between theism and deism.


Taoism, Buddhism (the original version), and Confucianism don't need anything to worship.

That's a pretty stupid idea. Like saying we need the corn without the shit. I'll stick to my ice cream, thank you.

*tickle* your ice cream is poisonous my friend! :

There are already non theistic religions, Levyan Satanism, secular Buddhism, Taoism, certain variations of Shinto, Sikhism, among others are religion that don't believe in god. Some of them are older than Christianity.

Sikh and ye shall find....

Shinto and Sikhism are resolutely polytheistic and monotheistic, as far as I know. I mean, if you're going to base a broad statement on a splinter group claiming to be atheistic, even Christianity has its "God is Dead" movement, so there's no need to turn to Asia for inspiration.

Satanism without Satan? WTF?!!!

In its original form, Buddhism was atheistic, but like many religions when they spread, when Buddhism spread, it tended to adapt to local beliefs. Thus, perhaps the most extremely theistic form of Buddhism, Tibetan Buddhism, is replete with a pantheon of gods and goddesses and other divine entities, probably all of them there before the arrival of Buddhism.

Taoism doesn't deny the existence of deities. In fact, there are explicit references to deities: "39.3 of the Tao Te Ching: Without clarity, Heaven may disrupt; without firmness, Earth may erupt; without Divinity, the Gods may become Powerless."

Confucianism simply says little about theology. It doesn't have one, but it doesn't deny the existence of a god or of gods. Basically, it's about manners, primarily as regards one's ancestors. 

In all cases you mentioned, if they are atheistic, their atheism flies in the face of their scriptures.

I didn't know about Sikhism being theistic. Nowhere i read, meaning wikipedia and the few Sikhs in /r/DebateReligion, mention any god and some, meaning one believer, mentioned that their religion doesn't believe in a god.

Satanism without Satan? WTF?!!!

They use the idea of satan as a symbol. It's very interesting. I think you participated in the last thread about satanism.

Everything else is new to me.

Really? Interesting, since the Wikipedia entry on Sikhism opens with the following paragraph:

Sikhism, or known in Punjabi as Sikhi,[note 1] (/ˈsiːkɨzəm/ or /ˈsɪkɨzəm/; Punjabi: ਸਿੱਖੀ, sikkhī, IPA: [ˈsɪkːʰiː]) is a monotheistic religion founded during the 15th century in the Punjab region of the Indian subcontinent, by Guru Nanak[3] and continued to progress through the ten successive Sikh gurus (the last guru being the holy scripture Guru Granth Sahib). It is the fifth-largest organized religion in the world, with approximately 30 million adherents.[4][5] Adherents of Sikhism are known as Sikhs (students or disciples). This system of religious philosophy and expression has been traditionally known as the Gurmat (literally 'wisdom of the Gurū'). Punjab, India is the only state in the world with a majority Sikh population.

You do know what a "monotheism" is, I assume.

They use the idea of satan as a symbol. It's very interesting. I think you participated in the last thread about satanism.

So there is no reference to or worship of or asking for the assistance of Satan in Satanism? They just worship a description of a mythological being? I don't think so.


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