So I had a discussion with my childhood rabbi a week ago (I am atheist but he is cool) because I wanted to know if the Earth was flooded, and Noah could only bring his family, how did we get all the other people after the flood, with the exception of incest being the obvious. He said that other people have asked that question, and his theory is that after the flood Noah and his family climbed this big hill and saw other people on the other side of it and thus made other people. I also asked about all the animals and why didn't they eat each other and how did they get all that food into the Ark to survive that long. He said he did not know. This was a very interesting conversation, a rabbi not knowing obvious answers to obvious questions.

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I meant to say I was just trying to understand, not that I was not trying to understand.
Ask them about the dinosaurs.
I always love to hear them 'logic' their way through their hair-brained theories.
I may do that. It would be interesting.

You must have found

1. The stupidest rabbi ever

2. The smart rabbi who answered the mythology question not the theology question.


What is the cut of this man's jib? Conservative, Orthodox or Liberal. If liberal, you are not doing it right.

All the rabbi's I was ever raised with were Orthodox and one Hasidic so they know what they know and are not stupid, however, the temple I was raised in was liberal because it was the only game in town. What is it that I am not doing right? That statement seems very broad.

The source determines the answer. If I asked the Archbishop of Canterbury about the authorship of the gospels he would tell me that they were all derived from Mark and of dubious orgin re: some dude named Yeshua ben Yoseph. If I asked Franklin Graham he would say every word came from The Angel Gabriel. If I then implied that Christians had no idea what was going on.


I would not be doing it right.

I am not sure what you mean, I was giving my story of what the rabbi said. There was no right or wrong. It was just for discussions sake, that's all. I did it right.
In this theory of the Rabbi in which people could keep their feet dry by standing behind a hill, admittedly a big hill, this possibility kind of defeats the purpose of the Ark. Maybe God should have offered Noah a map to show him how to safely walk around the hill instead of building instructions for such an excessively complicated and totally unnecessary project.
True, but the rabbi was saying when I asked him how the other people got here, that one of the son's climbed up a hill and saw other people were over that hill, I guess a big one, that there were other Arks apparently with other people, but maybe Noah was the leader of the pack and he was the one chosen to be in the big book. I heard on the news that there are people out there actually looking for the Ark. Good luck to them.

I must say, I like this story better than the original one. So there where other Arks, but only the one with all the animals on board made it to the press. Maybe it's some kind of wiedergutmachung of God for killing all the rest of them despite being completely blameless.

That's neat.

And people criticize me when I say that we should call them crazy not theists. That car, along with all the other proof, is more than enough to support my statement.


I have seen a photo with an atheist's car that expressed her lack of belief, here on Think Atheist. There were no animals on it, but, in my opinion, it was too crowded. When it comes to decorating a car, I would choose subtle things.


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