So I had a discussion with my childhood rabbi a week ago (I am atheist but he is cool) because I wanted to know if the Earth was flooded, and Noah could only bring his family, how did we get all the other people after the flood, with the exception of incest being the obvious. He said that other people have asked that question, and his theory is that after the flood Noah and his family climbed this big hill and saw other people on the other side of it and thus made other people. I also asked about all the animals and why didn't they eat each other and how did they get all that food into the Ark to survive that long. He said he did not know. This was a very interesting conversation, a rabbi not knowing obvious answers to obvious questions.

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Hi Laura, since you were jewish..

I wanna ask you..I have a friend of mine who is Yahwist, and I always hesitate to ask him about his point of view about Noah's Ark. I fell that he knows more about all religions!

I always feel that he is an Atheist or almost like an Atheist!

I invited my Yahwist friend to T/A.

And I wanna say, welcome to T/A Laura.

The last I checked, Yawist refers to Jehovah Witness, which doesn't have anything to do with Judaism. Thanks for the welcome.
Sad, but I would rather say "I don't know" then state that God must have sprinkled magic pixie dust around and that's how it happened.

I like the Ancient Alien theory :) which says Earth was flooded and there was a ship. According to the Book of Enoch, Noah was not "from here", if you know what I mean. He was here as part of plan to rid the world of genetic impurities in the human race. He did take two of animals, but it wasn't alive animal, it was their DNA.. and it was taken on a spaceship.. not at a floating arc. 


Crazy theory, but it makes more sense. 

I have never heard that before? Awesome! I would love to see the biblical reference to DNA (or rather the verse that has been twisted to mean that)?
If you read the Book of Enoch, you can find where it talks about Noah's heritage. I don't remember where it was written. This book was one of the many parts of the Bible that were taken away over the years.
I am so going to get my hands on that. It sounds even crazier than the rest of the bible! Thanks!
Yes, The Ancient Aliens documentary. It is on the History Channel here. Not sure where it would be in SA
Probably on history channel as well. Ill try to get hold of it.
I don't think that you meant to say that the answers were obvious, did you? Welcome to TA Laura.
It could mean the obvious answer as 'The story of Noahs Ark cannot be taken literally'.
No, I meant to say obvious. The answers were obvious to an atheist, not a rabbi. The rabbi could not explain how certain events happened, just that we were supposed to believe without questioning. I was not trying to understand.


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