I'm utterly amazed that this website isn't crawling in trolls. 
I figured the forums would be infested with Christians playing Devils Advocate (quite literally), and people vandalizing the Forums with things like:


But sure enough, I find what seems to be a rather active group of sincere atheists exchanging intelligent conversation. And I'm pretty sure its as close to a miracle as I'll find. This Place is awesome. 

Anyone else shocked?

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Awesome mods.
I hope the mods can keep this site as clean and troll free as it is now, as the site becomes more popular. Keep up the good work, and I'll keep donating. :D
And I'm pretty sure its as close to a miracle as I'll find.

Oh noes! Think Atheist proves God!

Thanks for the kind words. Yes we have some of the best mods on the planet. :] Nelson is right, "more often than not they leave on their own after they find that the typical circular reasoning/Pascal's wager approach doesn't work with people who have given the matter any thought."

The sad part is when they leave the site they can opt to have all of their information, including posts deleted. Which means many pages of well answered responses to a theists silly question disappear! (We are talking like 30 pages! lol) So in the future it is likely mods might have to hijack a thread and make it their own thread to save the discussion.
Or you could just get rid of that feature. Many, many forums I know leave the deleting-posts thing up to the mods/admins and most choose to leave posts up.
Yeah, I like this idea, if it's possible.
It makes sense to me. If theists didn't want their opinions to remain on this site, they shouldn't have posted them in the first place. Let their flimsy arguments, and the shattering thereof, be made public and on permanent record.
Exactly, and it would serve as a starting point for any kind of FAQ's.
Yeah, I would like to see some of this troll thwarting. And it would also serve as good place to refer future theists/trolls to when they ask sill questions.
So far yes I am shocked .... but then again I haven't been here for long.
This sticker works quite well :]



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