This is not something I 'believe' this is fact, as far as I am concerned.  I don't feel I have to prove my assertion.  I don't have angst or struggle about this. 


I don't have to 'prove' that a God doesn't exist anymore than I have to prove that fairies, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, an unicorns exist. 


And I tell people, when they start in on me, that I have already read the bible and it didn't impress me as emperical evidence. Nor do anecdotal stories.  I am not sure there really was a man named Jesus really.  Maybe his acts were made up. 


The nice thing about knowing that there isn't a diety is you can stop worrying about the afterlife and start doing the best you can to make the life you are living wonderful and meaningful for you.  Sounds selfish.  Christians have always told me that the 'self' is what you have to stop thinking about and give yourself to do God's will. 


Don't have to do a unicorn's will or a do a fairies will or do God's will.   All of that is equally absurd. 


I am not an intellectual or a great thinker as you can mostly see here.  I cannot cite nor repeat the great arguments about the great thinkers and scientists of the world.  But within my own limited sphere, I embrace the darkness of the void when I die and I enjoy the human connections in my life now. 


I don't understand what could be more comforting than the thought that everything is here, right now, for good or ill. 


So no, there isn't a god and I don't have to prove it.  And I don't want to hear the illogical and totally absurd and delusional 'evidence' anyone may have. 



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My mother always says, "Don't argue with delusional people."
You can not substitute insults for an intelligent reply nor a rebuttal just because your posting to a predominately atheistic audience. Accurate history his been presented to you. I challenge you to open your history book and look into these things. Google also works.

I am sorry about your experience with false Christianity that we all experienced. I am agreeing with you that you have left falsehood.

I have no offering plate. I am not selling books. Nor am I requesting a tithe. I just want you to possibly live for Evermore.
I was a History major and have read the bible. You have a right to your POV. Hope it works for you. For me you have delusional and irrational thinking not backed by any real evidence. You do not have to continue to participate in the discussion if you feel insulted.

No, I don't believe a thing you say. And yes my eyes are blind and I will not see. I cannot share your delusion.
Cathleen your are welcome to your POV. I post so that others may read also. Peace.

Hi Jean I am always delighted to hear from you.
Was not asking you to believe. Only to read. But I know others will do so only if it is just to prove me wrong. And that's the beauty of it!.

That's exactly how I got started. trying to prove someone wrong.
His profile does say he's a christian, so I expect nothing less ! LOL
Wow. Just wow. Got that tin foil hat on too tight, have we? No you don't "know" the distant future. You only think you do because your mind has been poisoned by your fruit cake religion.

Hey I know the distant future too! 6 billion years from now, the sun will turn into a red giant and swallow up the earth!

How anybody can buy this bull shit is beyond me. You Bible literalists and doomsday conspiracists are all clinically INSANE. What is it about religion and the Bible that makes people spout stuff that makes them sound like they're full of it? Not to mention certifiable?
No, we don't know the future, we can make plans based on probabilities, but that is different from knowing something for a certainty. The odds are good that in 5 hours I will be sitting with a group of friends at this month's Skeptics in the Pub event, drinking a glass of Strongbow ale. I'd give it over a 95% chance of occurring. But I do not know it will occur. I could get in a car wreck. The tavern could be closed due to a gas leak. The sun could emit a massive coronal ejection that scorches the daylight surface of the Earth, leaving it a smoking cinder. I could run into an old girlfriend and spend the evening catching up.

All we can do is calculate the odds and try to stack them in favor of our preferred outcomes. We can't predict with 100% certainty.
Even matter is a collection of averages. Nothing that makes up anything is ever where it is one planck unit of time ago or even where it should be one planck unit of time in the future. This is the core of quantum physics. This is the Heisenburg Uncertainty Principle. The idea of a set future or 100% certain ANYTHING just doesn't exist.
Catholics are psycho. I used to be one, but was never really religious. Some of the stuff my Filipino mother says, though, is really bizarre.
I was CatholicLite or rather Episcopalian. I remember at an Episcopal woman's group the discussion of what to do with funds we had raised. I suggested that we give and support the local women's shelter. They all wanted new cushions for the pews for their bony old asses. The cushions won and that was the beginning of the end for me.

For of course you know the women and children in that shelter may not be Christian.


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