This is not something I 'believe' this is fact, as far as I am concerned.  I don't feel I have to prove my assertion.  I don't have angst or struggle about this. 


I don't have to 'prove' that a God doesn't exist anymore than I have to prove that fairies, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, an unicorns exist. 


And I tell people, when they start in on me, that I have already read the bible and it didn't impress me as emperical evidence. Nor do anecdotal stories.  I am not sure there really was a man named Jesus really.  Maybe his acts were made up. 


The nice thing about knowing that there isn't a diety is you can stop worrying about the afterlife and start doing the best you can to make the life you are living wonderful and meaningful for you.  Sounds selfish.  Christians have always told me that the 'self' is what you have to stop thinking about and give yourself to do God's will. 


Don't have to do a unicorn's will or a do a fairies will or do God's will.   All of that is equally absurd. 


I am not an intellectual or a great thinker as you can mostly see here.  I cannot cite nor repeat the great arguments about the great thinkers and scientists of the world.  But within my own limited sphere, I embrace the darkness of the void when I die and I enjoy the human connections in my life now. 


I don't understand what could be more comforting than the thought that everything is here, right now, for good or ill. 


So no, there isn't a god and I don't have to prove it.  And I don't want to hear the illogical and totally absurd and delusional 'evidence' anyone may have. 



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yes atheism is nothing but innocence.
I don't agree that one is a born atheist anymore than I believe a born Christian, Jew, Hindu etc.

Children are not critical thinkers and should not be expected to discriminate between beliefs. My 7 year old grandson believes in Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, Jesus, Batman and Spiderman with an equality that is charming. I hope that he will still see all as equally unreal when he is 14, 17, 27 etc.

If his parents and his grandparents continue to teach him to read and think for himself, that will probably mean he will be an atheist.

I let the kids believe in magical thinking because that is what children need to develop imagination and intelligence. But you grow up and learn to weigh things on the scale of probable improbable.
still they were not born believing in Santa Claus, they were taught to believe in Santa
No but try to raise a child with out popular culture creeping in. And trust me, your kids start believing in things by about three and you have no idea where it came from. For instance I told my mother (family anecdote coming) that in my "before life" I had been a Chinese Princess. This was in 1959 and in those days there was no television. Prehaps I got it from a book or a radio program. My mother couldn't figure it out.

And no, I don't think I was reincarnated.

my mom always had Bermuda triangle and spoon bending and ESP magasines hanging around, but I was a hard headed and precocious child! I drove her mad!

She has let go of most of that stuff now! LOL
Cathleen: I am with you on this. About proving things, I like this quote:

"The atheist has nothing to prove.

As an atheist, I have no belief in god--not in the Jewish god, not in the Christian god, not in the Muslim god and not in the Hindu gods. When comparing myself to a religionist, I like to picture each of us holding an old mayonnaise jar. Perhaps when you were a child you poked a few holes in the lid of a mayonnaise jar and collected insects for observation. But in this instance, instead of putting insects in the jar, picture it full of religious beliefs.

The religionist's jar contains all of the beliefs of his religion. For example, a Catholic's jar would include heaven and hell, a bearded man in the sky and his human son, virgin birth, walking on water, people rising from the dead, saints, miracles and the Pope as the infallible spokesperson for god.

My jar is empty.

Often religionists feel atheists should prove there is no god. Perhaps because they have been in power for so long, they think they can set the terms of the debate. But atheists have no belief in god. My jar is empty. I have nothing to prove. All of the shouting in the world will not change this fact. It is the religionist who has a jar full of beliefs. And the religionist lacks facts to support his beliefs. So he labels them faith. Religion requires faith because it has no facts."

Seth, I think using the term "born atheist," is, in a way both a statement of pride and purposely provocative. It highlights the reality that religion is a learned behavior (not a natural state), and therefore pisses-off lots of religious folks. And it implies that atheism (rather than religion) is the natural state. So maybe looking at the statement more figuratively than literally explains why it is becoming so popular.
You are an entity with understanding, aware of the past, present and future and the possible existence of higher beings, by all rights you are a god, high above the animal kingdom. All we find in god is ourselves and how we got here. But have you considered that 85% of the universe is invisible. the seen universe is but froth on a vast non-baryonic ocean. It is impossible to come to conclusions on what you can not see. This is the current dilemma with dark matter and energy. Moreover we are now confronted with the existence of higher dimensions that we can not see. Hopefully the LHC may unravel some of these mysteries. The highest mystery is life it self and what unseen aspects of this universe consitutes it, whether it be dark matter up to and including higher dimensions.
Particle and quantum physics make sense. Heck, even bosons make sense.

Gods do not. Neither do leprechauns. Neither do unicorns. Neither do angels. Neither do demons. Neither do vampires. Neither do werewolves. Neither does Santa Claus. Neither does the Easter Bunny.

Coming to conclusions about what we can not see but could possibly detect in the near future because it's based on the natural laws is different than coming to conclusions about what we can't see because it's clearly fantastical imaginary crap.

That's how superstition works. Anything can be created to explain away something given the right dosage of insanity. And different cultures have different stories, legends, and spells and rituals to explain things. Doesn't make them any more or less ridiculous than the monotheistic religions stories, legends, spells and rituals.

It's time to kill the boogeyman. The natural universe is fanastic enough as it is without creating monsters and other fictional elements for it.

I hope the LHC kills God once and for all.

BTW. I don't know the future. Anybody who says he saw the future (i.e. prophets and psychics) is a fraud. If Jesus said he did, that makes him a fraud. Mohammad? A fraud. The oracle of Delphi? A fraud.

By my educated guesses have surprised me once in a while. I think the human brain possesses a certain level of intuition.
Of course you know the future. You plan your future. Tomorrow the next day and beyond.

This activity is indeed a god quality.

In regard to happenstance and the far future, that is the dilemma. but i have known the distant future for 30 years now. I wrote a paper on France role toward the EU in 1974, today the EU is a 37 nation conglomerate. Here is what is going to transpire in the future. Turkey will become a member of the EU. The Orthodox Rite will gain greater power in Russia leading to the recognition of Monarchy later comprises between the Latin Rite and the Orthodox Rite and the Unification of Russia with the EU leading to the coalescence of the one World Government and the return of Pax Romana . Under jurisdiction of this power the Jewish Temple will be reconstructed as in the days of Herod, but later the Beast shall pollute this site by his presence there and shall cause the great and the small the recieve the mark of the beast and the number of his name in ther hands and foreheads. Let the mind that has wisdom count the number of the beast, for it is the name of a man it is 666. As in the days of the persecution and atrocites of Nero Caesar which sums to 666 in the Hebrew tongue.
Is that Revelation or something? It makes no sense and is therefore nonsense.

The future is imaginary. Ever heard that "life is what happens when you're making other plans"?

I have made plans as simple as a vacation next summer which gets totally derailed by needing a new water heater and/or the car needs a repair or the kid has to go to summer school.

It is good to plan for the future, it is self-distrutive to count on those plans to the extent you can not be flexible when things change.

I hope you are being sarcastic and I just don't have my BS detector on. If you are serious, get medicated.
He talks like this all the time. Michael's become sort of a running joke around here, now. Now he's saying we all possess "god qualities". Is there a "god cell" in the brain somewhere? Or maybe a "god quality sub-atomic particle"?

Hey if I'm a god, then I don't have to go to hell. :P
Understanding is through patience and long study.

The resurrection of the Roman Empire has been prophesied in the book of Daniel and Revelation. The Christian Empire was segmented into the Latin Rite and the Orthodox Rite as well as the Latin and Greek speaking peoples. The Western Empire was ruled from Rome and Eastern Empire was ruled from Constantinople, now Istanbul.
Spiritually the division still holds today, with Western Europe being Catholic and Eastern
Europe, including Russia of the Orthodox Rite. Spiritually the Empire never disappeared though temporally the Empire was segmented into nations. the Prophecies speak of the temporal unification and this indeed is materializing before our eyes as the EU is 37 nations strong and comprise of nations from both the Latin and Orthodox Rite.
Turkey becoming a member is significant before the Patriarch of the Orthodox Church is headquartered in Istanbul (Constantinople ) as he has been for 1500 years.

Imagery wise , the beast that looked like a lamb with two horns but spoke like a dragon is Christian Roman Empire. the two horns being the cities of Rome and Constantinople. Both Cities sit on seven hills inaccordance with the prophecies.


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