This is not something I 'believe' this is fact, as far as I am concerned.  I don't feel I have to prove my assertion.  I don't have angst or struggle about this. 


I don't have to 'prove' that a God doesn't exist anymore than I have to prove that fairies, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, an unicorns exist. 


And I tell people, when they start in on me, that I have already read the bible and it didn't impress me as emperical evidence. Nor do anecdotal stories.  I am not sure there really was a man named Jesus really.  Maybe his acts were made up. 


The nice thing about knowing that there isn't a diety is you can stop worrying about the afterlife and start doing the best you can to make the life you are living wonderful and meaningful for you.  Sounds selfish.  Christians have always told me that the 'self' is what you have to stop thinking about and give yourself to do God's will. 


Don't have to do a unicorn's will or a do a fairies will or do God's will.   All of that is equally absurd. 


I am not an intellectual or a great thinker as you can mostly see here.  I cannot cite nor repeat the great arguments about the great thinkers and scientists of the world.  But within my own limited sphere, I embrace the darkness of the void when I die and I enjoy the human connections in my life now. 


I don't understand what could be more comforting than the thought that everything is here, right now, for good or ill. 


So no, there isn't a god and I don't have to prove it.  And I don't want to hear the illogical and totally absurd and delusional 'evidence' anyone may have. 



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I am not an intellectual or a great thinker as you can mostly see here. I cannot cite nor repeat the great arguments about the great thinkers and scientists of the world.

And yet you demonstrate such sound logic in your reasons for not believing in a god or gods. With that, you don't need your arguments to be poetic to be great!
I couldn't have said this any better than you have........
I agree :)
And I second that.
Well yes and I agree with you. I was talking on a personal level rather than a political one.

I see the problems but I can control only myself. To be open about my atheism is a new thing for me. And your point is why I see the necessity of being open about it.

I hope if people who know me see that a 50-something white middle class woman with a reasonably conventional life style can live a happy and productive life with out a god or religion, it might make them question their own delusions. Of course it probably won't, but being open about my non-beliefs is about all I, as a non-influencial person, can do.
No fairies! How shocking!

Seriously though people who believe in a god or gods or goddess (including myself!) are either experiencing something that can't be explained by science YET or are listening to the echoes in their own head for good or for Ill. Either way a person can only "prove" the existence of gods by science. Until science can then it's just a type of psychology and people should stop trying to force other people to accept their coping mechanisms
I concur. Very poetical of you.

And, for those ( including me ) that say that you cannot be certain a general. non scriptural, God exists, I would like to remind you that we are speaking in practical terms.

Absolutely, it is uncertain there is no God ( since we need to know everything to exclude this possibility, including unicorns or fairies ). Practically, there isn't one.
Random movement of atoms Mom! You made me a pagan atheist because if I reply to your post saying that having a goddess was a coping mechanism (and hey it beats smoking or cutting) then vie just admitted i don't need that one anymore. So yes, your youngest is a pagan atheist now...which means i have to learn how to spell atheist correctly without using spell checker.

By all things shiny it's annoying when epiphanies happen on the internet..
For me, science says that the universe is eternal. Funny thing, religion says the same thing in most cases about god. So either one of them is right..or both are wrong. Either way god doesn't exist.
I know our talks back and forth since i was 8 about belief and what it means and is used for has helped us both get clarity. Like now when I'm reading your thoughts on this and remembering that i wrote a paper for fun comparing belief in a god to having a security blanket. I think I was saying in my paper that belief was fine to have but I also still slept with a security blanket at the time....

Anyway what I'm saying is that you influenced me hugely, including influencing me to raise my son with science explanations and not God as an explanation.
I believe ungodlyness is the fundamental biological reality of all beings. Religion may have been one of the earliest intellectual persuits of humanity, the "quest for knowledge" and all that shyte. I also never felt the need to address the existence of god, so obvious has naturalism always been to me. I see myself as ape first, as a tool/technology using ape second. Brains are not a prerequisite to deny god, nature is sufficient. I am a scientist because I was born atheist, not the other way around :)

Cheers :)
:O I think the notion of being born anything is absurd quite honestly. You aren't born anything but innocent. You learn what you become throughout life later.. But thats just my experience of observing how people live. Could be wrong.. >.> doubt it


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