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It's a spectacle of even more dying in the name of someone else's personal savior.

I'm sorry if the subject is banned or if it is too soon.  

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Wow. I actually missed this post before I wrote mine (right below). Nice link.

Well since I don't have a cell phone of any brand or kind, I have no personal as I stated this was something I had heard from the lips of someone else.

The more underlying question is whether or not the Federal Government should be providing free cell phones at taxpayer expense?

On this I'm circumspect.

On this I'm circumspect.

Well, at least we've made some progress here! Too bad Faux News hasn't caught up, yet.

"Too bad Faux News hasn't caught up, yet."

Forgive me Father for not holding my breath. :D

I don't know if this is true but someone told me that welfare recipients can get an iphone at taxpayer expense.

I didn't think this misinformation was worth correction, until I read other replies to your comment. Here are a few links that should help clear things up, in case anyone's interested.

Important highlights: funding has mostly come from voluntary surcharges added to regular customer phone bills (albeit it's not "voluntary" from the customer's perspective); the program started decades ago, and only got attributed to Obama when he made it more popular.

Free text messages included. The free phone you get varies greatly, depending on what used phones the provider has available. (Ever wonder what happens to those phones traded in?) Sometimes I text a lot (and no, not just for recreation), so much so that I upgraded for $30 to a used phone with a slideout keyboard.

But I still very much prefer my $35 used smartphone with cracked screen (craigslist, 32 gig!) that connects via wifi (i.e. the cellular function is always off), using a free phone number and voip service provided by google. It works better than my so-called "obamaphone", except when I'm not near wifi, like when I'm on the road.

Since I still tend to write like people can read my mind and know exactly what I'm talking about... just to be clear, obamaphone and google voip are unrelated services. I also consider my google voip my "land line", since I always have wifi at home.

If anyone's interested in google voip:

I was referring to worldwide, not just the US. 

Take countries like Iran, for example. No shortage of smartphones among the citizens and I think guns aren't uncommon, either.

There is a program to give a cell phone and service to the poor, but I'd be very surprised if it were an iPhone.

It's similar to the old joke: There's nothing like a Jehaddist who can't afford a new pair of shoes but can afford rocket launchers.

It's true. My hometown Is one of the worst places for gun violence.

It's the poverty, drugs, gangs, and lack of education that is the cause of gun crimes.

It's the poverty, drugs, gangs, and lack of education that is the cause of gun crimes.

Technically, those are the context. The cause is psychological.

@Belle, from the article you linked:

"From 2001 through 2010, 2,932 people were killed by guns in New Mexico.  That is more than 70 percent more than the number of U.S. combat deaths in the Afghanistan war."

This is an excellent example of comparing apples to oranges, a dishonest approach to measuring quantities and values.

What is "dishonest" about it? The point is people die from gun violence on a daily basis. It rarely makes international news, but that's because it's become our norm and we are pretty used to it until people from NM (like myself) move away and realize that it's NOT the norm.


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