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It's a spectacle of even more dying in the name of someone else's personal savior.

I'm sorry if the subject is banned or if it is too soon.  

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Banned? LOL

Not banned and not too soon :). Why don't you share your thoughts on it, to start a dialogue?

Of course if you discuss it too long certain troll individuals will be along to accuse you of being an anti-islamic bigot.

Just ignore them.

But what if I'm am an anti-Islamic bigot already Steve, will it do any good to accuse me of being what I am?

Is being Anti-Islamic worse or better then being Anti-Semitic?  Or Anti-Christian after all  they all worship the same doG figure.

Should I cut to the chase and settle on being Anti-doG?

On to the meat of this case.  If this is another case of doG told me to do it and all three major religions worship the same doG, can we expel all the believers in the name of National Security?

But is this a Religious issue or just a Nutcase issue?   Since it's not two different groups of Buddhist monks killing each other over a temple, I'm going with the Nutcase issue as the reason for the carnage.

I personally don't see the difference between this type of killing and killing a house full of people with a Cruise missile just to kill one guy whose free speech our National Government doesn't care for.

So this really boils down to: What can YOU DO to protect yourself?

1.  Get training in situational awareness.

2.  Practice, practice, practice.

3.  When in doubt, get the fuck out.

4.  Get quality firearms training.

5.  Get a firearm, carry it.

6.  Practice, practice, practice.

And 7.  Shoot/Don't Shoot....up to you.

This shit makes me think of John Lennon, who of course had to be murdered. The irony of all of this is that to reach those who hate we must show them love. Yeah, Jesus was bull-crap but dammit, I must admit that the 60's hippie stuff is the only way to move on. Hate creates hate, love creates love. We should have loaded our Iraqi bound bombers with red wine and Fleetwood Mac cd's.

When real Hitler type evil rises, yes let's be ready to get at it, but this protecting the oil based corporations has screwed us. Now we are fear-based fools.

So why don't you start one......

Tell us what is on your mind that you want to discuss.

If you're wondering why there's no discussion of it or of gun control or terrorism, it's likely because we've had those discussions many times before. Most of us have expressed out views and already know what the views of our fellow members are.

However, if you want to have a discussion, go ahead. Start it.


And there's still a LOT of unknowns. It's pointless to start any speculations. We can have a better convo about it when we know more.

Moderators, I can handle this!

Andy...there has been so much Islamic bloodshed in Western Countries and a thousand times more in Islamic's become mundane. There have been so many mass murder sprees in the US in 2015 that they are now simply sad yet unsurprising news.

Nicolas Taleb repeats many times in his book Black Swan...that a singular death is a tragedy...while multiple deaths are just statistics. We barely register the amount of religious bloodshed in Syria and Iraq even though the numbers are in the thousands. Thousands of horribly murdered innocent men, women and children. As of this year...we have become desensitized to the same thing (though at a minuscule fraction) happening in North America and Europe.

What is new about San Bernadino that hasn't been already done in 2015? Murder spree in the US with easily accessible weapons? Numerous innocent victims picked out and murdered? Muslim jihadists murdering westerners in the dirtiest way possible? 

If it's connected to surprise...religion kills...always has...still does. If it's not connected to surprise...mass murder rampages are a near weekly occurrence in gun happy America.

None of this will change soon. We all know religion is poison and gun rights are as strong as ever in the US

Is there anything in particular of note with San Bernadino that that sheds new light on religious based murder and semi-automatic-murdering-sprees in the US? Or is it yet another brutal unthinkable act of horror, days since the last one, that devastates and destroys hundreds of peoples lives and spirits?

@Davis: "...mass murder rampages are a near weekly occurrence in gun happy America."

So what happened in Un-gun happy France?

In Gun unhappy European Union...a place with almost twice the population of the United States have seen three murder of an external Jihadist nature. Each event was the first or second murder spree this century in the respective countries. In all three cases, in France, the Czech, Switzerland and Italy...the population broadly supported even greater gun restrictions and boarder checks for arms...especially France who was successful in stopping weapons before they even entered France.

In each country (France, Czech Republic, Switzerland and Italy) mass shootings are an utter rarity which is why it is reported as such a tragedy. The population don't have time to become desensitized...and mass shootings don't become just another statistic. Meanwhile there were nearly one a day in the United Sates (fatal or non-fatal)...most of them resulted in dozens of injuries and at least one per week with three or more people murdered. There have been more fatal mass shootings this year in the United States than in the last decade in the European Union. The statistics on non-fatal mass shootings are even worse.

These are just the statistics on mass shootings...if we get into singular murders...the difference becomes a lot more grotesque.


In other words, no one is surprised anymore to see news of a mass shooting in the US and no one is surprised when gun groups and republicans respond with "MORE GUNS"!

News of mass shootings in the EU are sufficiently rare they grab headlines for weeks and usually result in broad support for current or even stronger gun control.


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