So I have been reading Where Men Win Glory: Thee Odyssey of Pat Tillman and I am hoping to see the Pat Tillman story. His story has inspired me and many others I think with his death and conspiracy and also him being an Atheist. I have major respect for the Tillman family  and trying to find the truth. Especially Richard Tillman when he was at his brother's funeral and talking about his brother's lack of belief after what John Mcain and other people from the Republican party said Pat was with "God". Anyways I was watching a sports tribute to Pat, and I say the comments below that had been upped many times saying "Pat is with God now" or "God bless Pat for serving his country!". I know the people mean well but don't they know they are dissrespecting Pat and his memory by saying his is with God when he belived he would not be with God. In conclusion do you think I should write a comment on the video claryfiying Pat's beliefs or leave alone? Thanks for reading and I am excited what comments you will make. And hopefully there are more people like Pat in this world who sacrifice themselve's to serve their country and find the truth.

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I saw this video on Saturday, I loved Richard Tillman he is like my new role model. I hope he does more interview he is an inspiration to all atheists. Thanks for sending the video though it was nice to see it again!


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