,,,,, catchy title ahe! , any way back to the real topic ,i have been an atheist since the age of reasoning (when i was 12) , I've always kept it to my self never joined any groups ,but lately I've joined a couple of forums and face book's , what i have noticed is i am ashamed of calling my self an atheist ,i have noticed that all of these people are only enjoying bashing religious beliefs ,"holy" books ,creeds and religious people (not that i don't enjoy bashing them) , but the issue in hand is that all of these people don't really understand atheism , i had a chat with a lot of them non of them read or know any thing about existentialism (and the few who now are either miss-quoting Friedrich Nietzsche's quotes or even mispronouncing the name !).
but any way back to the point ,when i read see these neo-atheist guys they just seem to me like an atheist version of a Spanish inquisitor ,non of them really understand the true enslaving power of religion , the danger of human divinity , the true power of religious brain washing ; non of them ever read Thus spake Zarathustra by Friedrich Nietzsche , non of them ever read the Existentialism and Humanism Lecture by Jean-Paul Sartre , non of them ever read Alamut by Vladamir Bartol , non of them ever read the Holy and the Holy Grail , non of them read the satanic Verses by Salman Rushdie , non of them ever read the Devils of Loudun by Aldus Huxly ,non of them ever read Atheist Manifesto by Michel Onfray,,,, (Wow! that's a long list , but its enough to make a point ).

so is it just me ?

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I read most of the books and especially Nietzsche but I've also read different versions of the Christian Bible, the Qu'ran, the Vedic Verses and many Buddhist books as well as research books by theologians and philosophers. At the end of the day some of these are good (even the Bible has some good philosophies) but being a skeptic and an atheist (they could be mutually exclusive) one must question some of the books and rubbish some people including atheists, write...for example Dan Brown's "Da Vinci Code" admittedly fictional but the impact was enormous as if accurate...
and as most of the comments here make the point, the path to atheism is personal in each person's case and no atheist should be required to defend his/her position and neither should we as atheists judge others because they don't hold the same view or knowledge base. That said it's fun arguing and debating issues and I as a strong atheist, have learned a lot just by participating in these forums...one can never know enough!
I didn't read the book but I saw the divinci code. It wasn't very good. And I had no idea it was written by an atheist.
It was written by an idiot - although I guess he could be an atheist too. The god-botherers don't have a monopoly on stupid.
i put lots of anger in islam ... because as a women ... islam put his anger on my kind
when mohamed say that his god made us less brains ???
I will kiss his a... h....
Well, I salute you for being an atheist at 12. But, I believe your point is, that the neo-atheists haven't read the literary works that you have mentioned? I'm not to assume, but they may have or may have not, if not all, most or some of what you mentioned.
You don't mention reading Darwin, or Thomas Huxley, Aldous' grandpa. They poked the first big holes in Genesis that brought the whole Judeo-Christian edifice crumbling down in the minds of those with eyes to see. But maybe you should start a discussion group for intellectuals interested in the intricacies of the historical and philosophical underpinnings of atheism, knowledge of which is not a prerequisite to being a well-informed modern atheist. Clearly you have offended some people who arrived at atheism by a different route. Much of what those great authors said can be found in the works of Dawkins and others who are more accessible to the modern audience.
You've read all those books? You think it might help you write a bit better. Just sayin...

*Above post is meant for ribbing sake only and is in no way indicative of any sort of argument I may or may not make*
I suppose I should have added, "not serious."
I thought I’ve mentioned that my writing takes place while being under the influence of Johnny Walker‘s finest whiskey .
Well, first I would like to all of you for taking the time reading and participating in this subject.

before I start I would like to explain my point of view regarding atheism ,I believe an atheist individual is a logical individual ,individual who refused the enslavement of the invisible man in the sky ,an individual who's logic refused the bronze age laws ,and I truly believe that religion is a detrimental for the progress of humanity ,thus I believe that atheism is the solution ,the new Renaissance that crush all of these shackles, I believe that atheism will lead the world into the real evaluation, the evaluation of thought , the evaluation of art , philosophy ,the progress of humanity is in the hand of atheism .

and yes I do feel for those who have suffered from religion ,I know how you feel ;after all I live in a country where every word you say is censored and adjusted , where free thought is considered heresy ,but in other hand you should face this injustice not by emotions ,but by logic ,read the "Holy" scriptures , rather than burning them , so you can understand the mistakes and help preventing them ,face the blind folded people with logic ,rather than insulting them personally ,for they are not as Fortunate as you ,their logic is buried with all of this fear and hatred ;and remember human fear what they can’t understand .

These are my beliefs; I wish not to enforce them to any one, nor to have any personal gain from, as I said before I rarely speak my mind “where ignorance is a bliss Tis folly to be Wise”,my attentions where never meant to offend anybody ,my attention were to illuminate the people whom I feel some belonging to ,and yes my beliefs are not perfect nor absolute for as an atheist I distribute doubts not certainty .

It was a great pleasure and honor reading you’re feed backs and ideas, rest shored that they helped further understand my ideology
t was a great pleasure and honor reading your feed backs and ideas, rest shored that they helped further understand my ideology
I think if you stick around on here you'll find a lot of us have rational, logical reasons for being an atheist and that most of us are pretty well read although we don't always read or are interested in the same things. I used to debate/discuss religion with people on other websites and have thus far found this place to be quite refreshing in comparison. We all go on our anti-religion rants once in a while but for the most part I've seen the arguments and discussions here based on logic, rationality and science and if they are not most people seem to openly admit that they are using anecdotal evidence or incomplete evidence. Anyways... I hope you stick around and jump into a few discussions.


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