Would this be a good rebuttal to the "but where do you get your morality from?" argument.
Supposing that god is gracious and will forgive your sins if you repent, couldn't you just go to town in the same way for the same reason and simply repent at the end of it and still get heaven as a reward? Sure god provides a code of conduct, but then you can choose to follow it or choose not to and either way, as long as you repent you're not going to burn right? Basically I'm saying god provides the code, but no motivation to follow it.
An atheist can just as easily come up with a code of conduct based on various things, god is not the only source of such codes. And motivation can be all sorts of things, even the :shudder: human nature :shudder: itself can be considered motive to act in a moral way.

Comments, questions, rebuttals.

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Many thanks. Yes it was geared toward that sort of soteriology. Testing the idea.
If God  were the perfect guide towards ideal morality, then rational people wouldn't have any trouble with the Bible. Perfectly moral people only need to take a look at the Bible to realize they disagree with half of the passages there.

My most common response to this is that the only morality recognizable in a modern society can only be achieved by ignoring the commandments of the bible.  Yes there are moral commandments; but there are also abhorrently immoral commandments.  You can even make an argument on the bible's illegitimacy as scripture on these grounds, simply by pointing out that if these commandments are the actual commandments of god, then they are in error following the other (contradictory) commandments- and that if, as they seem to realize, these commandments have very little bearing on anything and are not commandments to follow, that this is an error in the bible, which means the bible is not infalliable, which means it cannot be the word of god, and again, there is no compulsion to follow it or indeed to believe any other baseless claim it may make.


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