"No, atheists don't have to show respect for religion"

This article is SO relevant for me because I recently cut someone out of my life because I no longer wanted to hold my tongue on my Facebook and Twitter page for fear of offending her AND because I didn't want to hear her mouth whenever I criticized religion and theism.


No Atheists Don't Have to Show "Respect" For Religion


I'll try my best to respect people but respecting religion...nah.

My former friend just couldn't get this through her head and unfortunately, I had to cut her off.

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I solved that problem in a way that I have two names, one for religious friends and one for my atheist friends (they are not connected among themselves), what is important is that I am still me under both names, what does it mater what you are called?

And I actually chose this name that I use here based on what I should have been called if it were my parents opinion because in my family grandparents chose names (don't know why) which are just repeats of other ancestor's names (so we have a lot of Ivans and Vladimirs and so on). While the surname is practically identical to my real surname which is the greatest trick because people wouldn't suspect such a stupid idea :D

I would hate to go through that inconvenience just because some people are thin skinned.

I'd just delete the people who are giving me grief. It is MY Facebook account.


If they are family, they should have my number or I should see them on a regular basis to where Facebook shouldn't be the only way we communicate.

I've stopped using Facebook as a soapbox to air my discontent over religious belief.  It is something I enjoy discussing, but not with every person I am close to.  I have realized that Facebook is, for better or worse, a public forum of sorts and that there is no easy way to manage certain conversations in a generic way. 


Nowadays my FB page is filled up with pictures of my daughter.  My family seems to appreciate those more than any of my screeds on religion or politics.  Honestly, I don't blame them.

I agree Courtney,For to long religion has had a sort of protective barrier around it,that you cant say this or that about someone's religion,Religion should be able to be discussed and disputed along with everything else and does not or deserve the protective reasoning so many people give to it.

I had a mini-rant about this on Tubmlr recently because of the amount of 'respect my religion' posts I was seeing at the time.

Respect Religion! Why? Cause it's religion!
The amount of people who say ‘you should have respect for religion’ is really irritating.The demand to ‘respect religion’ always annoyed and confused me. Mostly because it’s stupid and arrogant. You wouldn’t tell someone to ‘respect my political beliefs’ or ‘how dare you question my political affiliations’ because it’s not a reasonable thing to expect. Even moreso if your political beliefs are moronic.
Why should religion be above all other subjects and beliefs and somehow deserving of respect automatically without question? What makes it so special? Demanding someone to respect something (anything, not just religion) without question is incredibly arrogant and extremely unreasonable and unrealistic.
Most people agreed with me but I did get the odd "I'll pray for you" in response.

I'm a wuss. I will bow my head and pray if at a dinner where others are doing so (happens occasionally).


Here is irony for you. My best friend is an atheist and her family is super duper religious (Catholic). They pray and bless themselves for every single meal. She will not participate when they do this. She will stare out into space quietly while they do their thing or if there are a lot of family members at the meal, for example, on a holiday, she will not join at the table until the prayer is finished.


Once I was staying with her family for a few days and, each time, I bowed my head for meal prayer time. 


I bet some of you want to kick my butt lol. Maybe I need it kicked.

You don't tear down the stockings and knock over the tree do you?


I'm cracking up; tears in my eyes. There have been one or two Christmases where I felt like doing just that lol, but not anything to do with religion - just feuding family holiday BS lol.

My agnostic family is very fun around xmas. We hang money and decorations on any plant in the house still green and alive during the winter because we find it to hard to cut down trees for this short period of time and our (except me) pleasure (I find it deplorable that I have to make myself happy during specific time of the year, I always give present randomly during the year to people and I'm happy when I'm happy)

This year we hanged everything on some very delicate plant and it almost fell apart, we finally understood why people use juniper or fir tree, because they are not that delicate ;)


p.s. we are "catholic" but we hide when the priest goes around giving blessings to the households (because he expects money :P). It's very fun :D

I try to come late to dinners before the prayer is said.
I won't bow my head though. I'll just stare into space and most of the little kids are doing the same thing.


I've tried to get out of not saying the prayer but eh...

"I wonder if they realize that the food they bless is the same food that is giving them heart disease and diabetes. Their blessings do nothing but prolong my hunger."


Ha ha.

I'd much rather prefer a prayer that no on in our family get heart disease, diabetes, etc.

Thankfully there is pretty good health on both sides of my family. The only thing I really worry about is Alzheimer's considering my maternal grandmother had it.

I will never respect religious beliefs. What's next? Am I gonna have to respect a white supremacist's belief that non-white people are sub-human? Am I supposed to respect a sexist's view that a woman's place is in the kitchen and having babies? I respect their right to live but not their bullshit ideas :D
I still can't process the fact that it's 2011, like, this distant future of technological marvel and science progress, and then we still have people like O'Reilly. I'm sure that even the stone age people figured out that tides have something to do with the Moon...


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