This is not me.

It is a simple question. Why are nipples/breasts so taboo? I want your opinion. Guys with their shirt off it is okay, but a girl, "OMG DON'T LOOK KIDS! NIPPLES!!! YOU SHOULD BE ashamed OF YOURSELF!" Keep in mind a lot of men have bigger breasts than most women!

Also, is this picture not as taboo in your mind because the nipples have been erased? Finally, while we are on it. Why can we have nipples of african tribes on public TV but not other races? Why the divide?

I know these sounds like silly questions, but I want some rational discussion over this topic.

Peace and love <3


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Just talking about boobies with someone who actually has a great pair interferes with my ability to analyze anything!

Actually, this is a very fun and interesting conversation. It is exposing the impact that Christian sexual repression has had on many of us...
I volunteer my services if you ever decide you want to try and conquer this phobia of yours. *WINK*
well honestly it does seem ridiculous to me that it is such an issue, and I'm past the age where a woman's naked breast is going to get me all "hot and bothered" so to speak. and Sophie, your story seems to be fairly innocuous, not like you were shaking them around and showing them off, but yet "someone" found it offensive you were at the beach without a top. really what's the big deal? I'd think if children were better educated and informed about sexuality there would be less of this childish prudishness going on among so-called adults in this country.
I am not past the age where a woman's breast will no longer get me all hot and bothered. If I saw Sophie at the beach topless, I have to admit, it would drive me a little crazy. I would be the creepy guy ogling. I can't help it. I really love women.

I remember taking my niece to our community water park years ago and I was glad when we finally got out of there. Surrounded by so many young women and girls in tiny bikinis, many whose ages were younger than their bodies suggested (this thought really made me uncomfortable), and a warm blooded American male in the midst of this, I literally couldn't think straight.

Women, and especially half nude (or nude) women, have profound effects on many males. Perhaps it is not the children that people are worried about, but maintaining a social order? Women don't want other women tempting their men with their naked boobies? And men don't want their wives or girlfriends advertising the goods to other men? The children could really care less, I'd bet.
I think I'm going have to half agree with Reggie on this one, at least in the bikini scenario. Jail bait is the problem, so many under age girls these days look like they are 18+ not only because of the clothing or lack of clothing they wear, but also just because of their physical body type. I live 15 minutes away from the beach here in Florida and I got to say the beach is quite possibly the most nerve racking place to be. It's stressful enough worry about if a girl is legal in a normal situation, but sitting there and having to judge a half naked girl can be down right infuriating. The need for clothing is mostly to keep us men out of trouble.

That being said, I think it also is very dependent on the location and the actual intent of the nudity. We have all seen nude bodies in art work from centuries past and modern, no one even thinks twice about the nudity they see. However something like Girls Gone Wild is some scandalous shit. I think this is because of the reason for the nudity. When the call for nudity is for sexual desire, i.e. girls flashing their boobs every where, it's considered vulgar because of the desired reaction. However, when it's something that is just suppose to be there and isn't suppose to spark any reaction people seem to be more accepting.
The men who frequent the topless beaches in Europe don't seem to have any problems with it :P
That's because it's such a common aspect of their beach going experience that it doesn't matter anymore. Breasts still arouse most men in the states because we are essentially told they should because we aren't allowed to view them. Make them an every day aspect of the beach going experience and the physical reaction moves onto some other trigger.

Basically, because they are taboo in the states, they are going to remain taboo for a long time. The undesired reaction of the nudity can't be removed until the taboo is removed, and the taboo won't be removed until the reaction disappears. A nice little circle for us.
Yep. Sounds like circular reasoning, but it is true. Boobs are taboo because they are taboo.
Boobs are taboo because they are taboo.

I agree!
Yeah, I guess that makes sense.
The amount of body you cover is obviously a cultural norm that varies. But I think that we cover ourselves because when we moved into cities we started to live longer. Sure that rack in the photo is cute now. Forty years from now? Not so much.

I don't know which US beaches y'all go to but there is more skin on our beaches than on the sidewalks of Paris. But again, the fat German businessmen in Speedo's would drive me away from the Riviera as much as the topples grandmothers would lure me in.



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