This is not me.

It is a simple question. Why are nipples/breasts so taboo? I want your opinion. Guys with their shirt off it is okay, but a girl, "OMG DON'T LOOK KIDS! NIPPLES!!! YOU SHOULD BE ashamed OF YOURSELF!" Keep in mind a lot of men have bigger breasts than most women!

Also, is this picture not as taboo in your mind because the nipples have been erased? Finally, while we are on it. Why can we have nipples of african tribes on public TV but not other races? Why the divide?

I know these sounds like silly questions, but I want some rational discussion over this topic.

Peace and love <3


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So, a woman beast-feeding in public is somewhat like a male masturbating in public.

"So, a woman beast-feeding in public is somewhat like a male masturbating in public."

Unless you know of roving bands of men, picketing for the right to polish the pud in public, not so much --

Breastfeeding women picket store
VANCOUVER, British Columbia, Aug. 8 (UPI) -- A Canadian clothing store in Vancouver was picketed by at least 60 breastfeeding women after a new mother was chastised for feeding her infant.

One small step for breastfeeding.....
Breastfeeding photo ban by Facebook sparks global protest by mothers
A global campaign has been launched by thousands of mothers against social networking site Facebook for banning photos of women breastfeeding.

After researching a little on attitudes (about public breastfeeding) from around the world, it appears that it's socially acceptable where MEN don't turn it into something sexual. It seems that religion -- especially Islam -- has a lot of influence on how men react to public breastfeeding. Another important factor is poverty. Many poor people can't afford formula or even baby bottles, so mothers feed only by breast. Apparently, if they're old or unattractive, they get stared at less.

You're right. As a rule, men are just hoping to get a peek. We have no reason to object. I have never even heard of a male getting all bent out of shape over nursing a baby in public.

Breast contact is pleasurable for women (assuming they are otherwise receptive). Men discovered attention to them moves things along sex-wise. 

Simple as that.

Whether or not (and how) to display breasts is cultural. The fixation on nipples (pasties on exotic dancers, for example) is somewhat hilarious.

Are there countries where public breastfeeding is normal? I wonder if the hang-up truly is a matter of culture (social acceptability) or if there's something else, perhaps deeper, in play here.

When I was a little kid, believe it or not, some women breastfed in church!

I Googled this topic and, so far, find that public breastfeeding is normal in Israel and in most African countries WITHOUT a strong Muslim influence. I'm still searching for info from other countries.

Yikes! Read what this guy, from Saudi Arabia, has to say:

State: Jeddah 
If woman feed her baby and the peoples are seeing her, of course they like to see her breast more and more and may be they come hot and like to do sex with that lady who is feeding. And I think it is not good that any lady feed her babies in public places. If she want yes, she can move to the place where no one can see her.


Does he even realize what he's saying about men? That they're incapable of controlling themselves? Clearly he's unaware that that's not an indictment of women, quite the opposite!

And this from India:

State: kerala 

Breast feeding in public is not at all considered as a sexual activity in our country. But at the same time women in our country are shy to feed the baby in public because it has been noticed that men just try to peep into the privacy of a feeding mother, which makes a lady ashamed of the act. It's difficult to accept but it's a truth. 


I'm inclined to agree with "Bill," back on page1, for those of you who haven't bothered to read all 24 pages, who said:

"The individual male who controls a harem of females has an increased chance of reproductive success. Turning females into property and making them invisible to your competitors is a means to that end."

Also on or about page 1, someone asked why it was OK to depict topless African tribeswomen on TV or in some documentaries. I wasn't so much interested in the answer to that, per se, as I was how it might relate to Bill's comment. If, as Bill says, it's about men making females invisible as sexual objects to other men, why do not the African tribesmen, whose women go bare-breasted, feel that way? Is it only a cultural thing, prevalent among nations with a Judeo/Christian/Islamic predilection, which would include those societies that were closely governed by countries with a Judeo/Christian/Islamic background, such as the tribesmen of certain African countries as well as the various Pacific Islands where breasts were proudly displayed, pre-"civilization"? Or could it be that the truly primitive tribesmen of Africa and South America, don't view breasts as particularly sexual, but rather more utilitarian? Or could it simply be that the more we (men) are restricted from regularly viewing female breasts, the more interested we are in them, a fascination we would lose, if we were constantly exposed? Food for thought.

I must also, in all honesty ladies, and with all due respect, say that there are some breasts I would prefer not to see uncovered, as well as some I have, but wish I hadn't. It's kinda like Forrest's box of chocolates, ya never know what you're gonna get --



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