This is not me.

It is a simple question. Why are nipples/breasts so taboo? I want your opinion. Guys with their shirt off it is okay, but a girl, "OMG DON'T LOOK KIDS! NIPPLES!!! YOU SHOULD BE ashamed OF YOURSELF!" Keep in mind a lot of men have bigger breasts than most women!

Also, is this picture not as taboo in your mind because the nipples have been erased? Finally, while we are on it. Why can we have nipples of african tribes on public TV but not other races? Why the divide?

I know these sounds like silly questions, but I want some rational discussion over this topic.

Peace and love <3


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For sure it has a purely cultural/religious basis. Really, it is the minimal Burkqa; it is about controlling women.
Why do you think controlling women is so important to them?
The individual male who controls a harem of females has an increased chance of reproductive success. Turning females into property and making them invisible to your competitors is a means to that end.

We are talking about a bunch of guys who created God in their image. Controlling the world is a central theme for these guys.
Yeah, probably so. Ask any guy if he would be offended if women walked around topless. Almost all would say they would take no offense and be a little excited by the idea. Then ask them if they cared if their girlfriend or wife walked around topless. Watch the eagerness for this progressive idea drain from their face.
You hit right on the nipple with that point!
You bring up a excellent point Reggie! I did not think of that issue. But now that I reflected on it some, I feel that... sure at first the shock would deter males but in the long run they would get over it.
Undoubtedly they would.  Many cultures don't view breasts the way the West does.  In fact, some cultures have some very interesting ideas of sexual ownership and mating.
Disagree. Have you seen the breasts of cultures where a woman has never worn a bra? No where near as good.
I think you mean cultures where they don't get implants or breast lifts. There's no evidence that wearing a bra prevents sagging. Women in our culture just tend to hide our "tribal boobs" in wonder bras and only display our "good boobs." I can assure you that we have you all fooled.
Ignorance is bliss

I believe it has more to do with diet than gravity.

Yep, diet is absolutely key, from my professional observations (midwife) as well as personal ones its mostly down to the best proteins and correct balance of correct fatty acids. Key is sufficient MSM (organic sulphur) in the diet as this keeps the ligaments supple and elastic that support the breasts.



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