This is not me.

It is a simple question. Why are nipples/breasts so taboo? I want your opinion. Guys with their shirt off it is okay, but a girl, "OMG DON'T LOOK KIDS! NIPPLES!!! YOU SHOULD BE ashamed OF YOURSELF!" Keep in mind a lot of men have bigger breasts than most women!

Also, is this picture not as taboo in your mind because the nipples have been erased? Finally, while we are on it. Why can we have nipples of african tribes on public TV but not other races? Why the divide?

I know these sounds like silly questions, but I want some rational discussion over this topic.

Peace and love <3


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As for the body types of Think Atheist members - again, obviously we are MUCH more attractive physically, mentally and sexually than anyone else ... and our nipples are sensational .... or is that just me???!

I'll just have to petition for being the exception to that rule, though I'll admit the nipples on my manboobs are rather flattering. : P
Sydni, no only objection is that of too much sun and so many who are so ugly fat.
That picture presents a beautiful breast and a womans who could logically parade around townwhich she can do now in Maine. Yes, indeed! European stations even show some nudity.
And the wearing of the veil or burka so blasphemes reason and- humanityn
Adriana, I didn't mean to be be mean.Some women find me handsome, and I "scare" others!
Oh, ignosticmorgan's blog is for y'all, amongst my others. I'm looking for co-owners.
So does this mean the 2011 T|A calender will be topless?
One can
For the love of God, yes.
This is like trading beads and knives for millions of acres of land. ;-)
I may be willing to submit one of my beach pictures for the ladies. :)
promises, promises yawn ...
It's because women's bodies are powerful. Men, as repeatedly evidenced here in messages, are openly in love with the body of a woman. That would be terrible in a patriarchal society. We had to be oppressed. So, we were. Laws were made based on religion. Viola! We are appropriately covered up. I'm not saying we have to use our bodies to get what we want, but the possible power of women was very scary to the ancient menfolk who really, really wanted to be in control and impose some rules on a society that needed regulating. Couldn't be all sex, drugs, and rock and roll, now could it? The goats would never get fed! The tents would never be aired!

This is all speculation on my part, of course, but it makes sense to me. There used to be a lot of goddess societies prior to Christianity and Islam. Not so many after. Hm.
Taboo in certain cultures. In America thanks to the xtian influence and the belief that nakedness is naughtiness. In other cultures, nakedness is just nakedness.



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