This is not me.

It is a simple question. Why are nipples/breasts so taboo? I want your opinion. Guys with their shirt off it is okay, but a girl, "OMG DON'T LOOK KIDS! NIPPLES!!! YOU SHOULD BE ashamed OF YOURSELF!" Keep in mind a lot of men have bigger breasts than most women!

Also, is this picture not as taboo in your mind because the nipples have been erased? Finally, while we are on it. Why can we have nipples of african tribes on public TV but not other races? Why the divide?

I know these sounds like silly questions, but I want some rational discussion over this topic.

Peace and love <3


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"Are my nipples really more offensive then some hairy fat guy's sweat-drenched beer gut, whose man-boobs are a full cup size larger than my girl boobs?"

Which is exactly why I always wear a shirt out in pubic, the image is disturbing enough for me so why subject others to it? : P
Right there with ya!

RE: "If a man can go topless when its 98 degrees outside, then why I should I be forced to wear both a shirt and a bras?"

I agree, tit for tat!

Are you serious? They really blurred it out once they put the implant in? And lol to "moobs"

The instant it becomes a female breast it becomes something they can't show on broadcast TV.

I wouldn't be surprised if the broadcaster did something this ridiculous specifically to show how silly the rule was if followed absolutely, mindlessly literally.

There's a commercial out on American TV - I can't even recall now what it advertises, but in black and white, an attractive, nude woman is tastefully seated on a surface, facing screen-right, her right leg is drawn up, with her right elbow resting on her knee, and maybe an inch and a half of side-boob is showing. As I said, totally tasteful, something you might see hanging in a museum or an upscale photo exhibit. When I first saw it, I thought, "Wow, maybe this country is growing up!" In subsequent editions, they have chosen to blur out the inch and a half of side-boob - someone clearly decided that some kid, who may well have been raised on breast milk, might have glimpsed that fragment of mammary gland and been corrupted for life!

I was wrong, we're not there yet.

My favorite topic of discussion!

Hey, didn't I just say something in BB about not making any tittie comments in so long my brain was getting a bit addled? Nice timing, Sophie!

Yeah...and then I saw that picture.
Frankly it freaked me the hell out a little.
Ever hear that old joke?

"How do you make five pounds of fat look attractive? Stick a nipple on it!"
Boobies need nipples. Otherwise they look like naked Barbie dolls.

Seriously. Why do we love boobies? Why do the religious right fear them?
I've lived outside the U.S long enough to know our love/hate relationship with all things titty is not a healthy one. It's obsessive and controlling. It's secretly shameful. It' having a crazy ex boyfriend.
So why?

Um...because despite our leaps and bounds in government affairs, the United States is still ran by a bunch of rich white men that are enslaved to Christianity? Yeah. Probably.
But I'm not.
And still, I don't disrobe all the way when at the beach.
For all the crazy shit I've done in my life, I've never so much as flashed my hooters at a single drunken party.
No one but my husband (and he's only my husband because he was going to get deported otherwise) is allowed to see what belongs under a bikini.
Seeing naked titties doesn't bother me in the least, but actually exposing my own?
No thanks.
I'm shy.
And that's not to say I haven't got a great rack, because I really do.
It's just...
I don't even know where this reluctance springs from.
I've literally worn a bathing suit to work every day for years at a time, so modesty isn't a huge deal for me. I just can't cross the nipple/bush line, and I don't know why.

Analyze at will, folks!
My personally story is this. I went out to a beach with out my top on and acted like nothing was wrong. About 25 minutes into laying out the beach patrol comes over to me and tells me that I have to leave. I quested them and said, "LEAVE? For what?" They said, "You know why." I did have a shirt with me and they still said "LEAVE!" So it turns out someone on the beach called the beach patrol on me and my small group of friends; they all had their tops on.

So 20 minutes later I put on my top and go to the same spot and a woman comes up to me and says, "There is little kids playing! What are YOU THINKING!!!?" So we got into a nice little discussion and I ended up flashing her upon leaving again.

At the end of the day I felt pretty good trying to stand up for my breasts. Or maybe my nipples?

Maybe that is what I should do next is put round circle stickers that match my skin and try that out to see what type of reaction I get. Anyone want to bet what will happen?

I will keep this forum informed.

Thank you for your as always rational discussions! Keeps me sane in this world!
This reminds me of this one time my high school friend got sent home because she wore a white shirt without a bra and you could vaguely make out nipple in the right light. How completely stupid. Mind you, this was a Catholic high school. But still. The human body is a beautiful thing (especially boobies :P); why cover it up for no real reason?

And that's a great story, btw.
I once saw a lifesaver at a beach near my place request a mother of three to put her top back on because her children were present. Thats right. It was "offensive" to this man that a mother was topless in front of her own children. I don't know how he thought they had been sustained through the first months of life. To make it even more screwed up he weighed about 150kg and had on nothing more than a pair of speedos ("budgie smugglers" as they are called in my part of the world). There was little doubt as to who was the more offensive.

The lady stood her ground with the support of other beachgoers and we actually made the guy go and put on a t-shirt.

I don't think he saved any lives that day and my bet is that he eventually went home to furtively watch porn.
I cant help but think about the children here...this lady tells you "There is little kids playing."....If they are playing then they clearly do not care much about the naked boobies. Clearly the issue with your boobies is HER issue, not the children's.
This whole discussion and most other topics all falls back on society's twisted perception on what Is "ok" and what is not. I give you major kudos for walking on to a state side beach with no top. Standing up for you and other womens figure is awesome. I bet if you walked onto a beach with same skin color stickers on your nipples I'm not really sure anyone would know what to do. That's like a woman walking into the grocery store in the middle of the summer wih a bikini top on and everyone is ok wih it. But I guarantee if that same woman walked in with a BRA on it would be socially unacceptable.

As far as the nigger thing goes, I agree with almost everyones post I read. It's all good till the white guy says it. Cant stand double standards.



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