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A self-described Christian 12-year-old boy who dared post his views on same-sex marriage on the popular Internet video site, YouTube, has since been ridiculed and insulted by tens of thousands of comments that attack the boy, his sexuality and his faith.
"Kill Christianity, and then kill yourself," responded a YouTube community member identified as greenacidfusion.

A commenter calling himself WizzyBoy 520 added, "How do you know the Bible isn't full of lies? You, just like everyone who is against gay marriage, is a mentally retarded bigot. No exceptions. Now go to h---."

Thousands of others have simply slammed the boy by calling him a "homo" or making comments like the one from chao129: "You are against gay marriage because you are a fag in denial."

The boy identifies himself only by the name Scott and the YouTube member name ChristianU2uber. His 13 videos have become a YouTube sensation, approaching 1 million hits over the last four weeks, making ChristianU2ber the thirteenth most-viewed YouTube contributor in the "Gurus" channel over the past month.

With his popularity, however, have come tens of thousands of comments from the YouTube community, the vast majority of them insulting. His video "Gay Marriage – Is It Right or Wrong?" generated over 11,000 comments by press time, mostly critical, many laced with profanity.

hristianU2ber claims on his YouTube channel, "I am a Christian, and I love to upload videos that teach you what Christianity is all about."

When he addressed the issue of homosexual marriage, however, the backlash grew so furious and profane that even outspoken atheists on YouTube have come to ChristianU2ber's defense.

"I can't believe it. I'm watching these video responses, these comments to ChristianU2uber, who is a 12-year-old, and you people are trying to blast him to oblivion," says self-described atheist TOMMYfromtheBRONX in a YouTube video of his own. "Does everyone have to act 12 years old, just because he's 12 years old?"

TOMMY continues, "Of course I don't believe and agree with what he has to say, but I was saying the same thing he is when I was 12. Instead of mocking and ridiculing this kid, why don't we show him the other side and let him judge for himself?"

"When a person makes an insulting claim, they are more than worthy of ridicule," writes another YouTuber identified as godlessmessiah, "But when the person making the claim is a child who obviously doesn't know better, the last thing we (as atheists) should ever do is what people are doing in this case."

Subjecting himself again to the stream of criticism, ChristianU2uber crafted a response to what he called "hateful comments" made about his videos.

"Before you put another mean comment on one of my videos, I just want you to stop and take a second to listen to yourself," says ChristianU2uber. "A lot of people are putting bad words and really mean comments on my videos, and I really don't like it; it makes me sad. I work hard because on YouTube I want to be informative and I want to teach people that there is a God and to make this world a better place."

He concludes, "Just settle down a little bit. Please? For me?"

ChristianU2uber's "Hateful comments" video can be seen below:

At press time, the most recent response to ChristianU2uber's plea for civility came from a poster identified as goatchad:

"I stopped and took a second to listen to myself," wrote goatchad, "But it just made me realize what a complete c--- you are. Please die."

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